Monday, April 3, 2017

Quick Update

Life has been an adventure!
Here are some of the projects we have been working on...

Volcanoes and Earthquakes.  Henry build and designed his volcano.  Elizabeth was working on an eagle project. 
 Solar System and Constellations
We learned about each planet and they each wanted to design some sort of solar system project.
It has been a hard year for me as teacher/Mom.  I have daily debated the merits of homeschool vs. public school.  We filled out an intent to enroll in Birch Tree, a Waldorf based learning school, for Elizabeth.  Honestly she and I butt heads more than any of the other kids.  Maybe its because she's so much like me or because she's the oldest, but I really want to do what is best for each of my kids.  So for now, we continue on our homeschool journey.  The kids are going to attend the Curriculum fair with me in May so they can help make decisions.

Henry participated in his first Pinewood Derby!
He designed the car and build it with a little help from Dad.
He ended up winning third place out of 25.  It was a very fun derby!

Another scouting event with some fun face painting. Henry has loved boy scouts, he finished all his badges and moved on to Bears.  I love his excitement about all things scouts, and his desire to be the best scout he can be. 

Lydia and Porter are growing like crazy!  Lydia is reading so well and loves reading to others.  Porter is also beginning to read, he's on lesson 25 of 100.  I am forever grateful to my mother-in-law for introducing me to that book! The kids love it!

We finally had winter!
With so many winters devoid of snow it has been an exciting winter with lots of snow.  The only complaint is that the kids were ready for spring and bike riding, but instead they received another load of snow. I keep explaining that we need it, and the benefits to the land.  Hopefully it will make summer that much more enjoyable. These snow piles are in the parking lot of the church, they are literally half way up the trees!

J and I have been busy with work and callings and having tons of fun with the Elders Quorum, and other members of our ward.  This is one of our favorite activities, Nerf Gun wars! We even learned some tactical entry/clearing rooms.  Mostly it's just a ton of fun to spend time with our ward family!
We participated in some night photography with Shane Lamb and some of his friends, I will post some of those pictures when I get them from J.  It was lots of fun!

We are busy as always, but loving life!  We are looking forward to summer and some hiking and swimming and biking.  Three of the kids and I are participating in a triathlon in June.  And have lots of family camping planned.  Maybe some renovation of the bus :)  The kids are growing so quickly and while I sometimes miss the baby stage, I sure love the new stages of life.   

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