Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Letters

I am destined to be a seasonal blogger...As much as I enjoying getting online and checking everyone elses blogs you would think I would return the courtesy. Perhaps my new years resolution will be to blog more diligently. Only time will tell. I also appreciate and love the Christmas cards from friends and family, one day I may be motivated to actually send one of our own out. I thought to myself, there are so many people out there I want to share our year with and Holiday Greetings that it would be easier ( okay laziness set in) to blog about our year. No I won't bore you with the entire year just the last few weeks.

J has switched employers and is enjoying work. He is finally driving his "company car" and that makes life a bit easier. Although he stalks me sometimes, he can't wait to utilize his new power to write his wife a ticket! And the best change of all, DAY SHIFT!!!! We actually have a some what normal schedule. Our weekends are not the same as everyone elses, but that's alright with me. Daddy's home at night and we wake up together in the morning. It may only last for a few months, but for now I'm thoroughly enjoying it.

I have just been busy keeping up with two kids a husband and a home. We are anxiously looking forward to building a new house, as we are quickly out growing ours. After a summer of raising animals and a huge garden, I'm in my hibernation mode. Being an Alaskan really requires an outdoorsy lifestyle especially in winter. The kids and I have been cooped up for too long! I'm determined to pick up cross country skiing or snowshoeing or something! The thermometer has been low and the winds high... makes for a not so fun winter. We've tried a few times to get out and walk, we don't make it very far before we quickly run home for hot cocoa and a warm fire. J bought me and elliptical so I could at least keep up with a bit of physical activity! Wonderful man!

Elizabeth is growing all too quickly. A typical, tall four year old that spends ALL DAY testing limits. One day she'll grow out of it right?! Mommy got rid of the TV recently because movies were becoming an every hour thing! Everything in life relates to a movie. "Oh that was on such and such a movie." I know by writing this you'll all know how terrible a mother I am, but I'm trying to improve. E can't wait for school, she tells everyone she's 5 because she knows that's when she starts kindergarten. Lately she's been going through toys deciding what she likes and doesn't and wants to give them away to kids that don't have any. I appreciate her sweet spirit and that she is so willing to give to those in need. She loves to hear stories of Jesus still and prays for him every night, expressing her love for him and her family. Inside that trying and curious little four year old is a giant spirit that has sooo much love for everyone!

Henry has been progressing so quickly! His speech is developing wonderfully! He has been seeing Ms. Evelyn every few weeks for ILP and LOVES it! He has caught up to his age level in everything and is passed it in some areas. At the age of 3 kids transition out of ILP into the school system for further speech development and such. But Henry is doing so well they didn't recommend any special education or early development work. He LOVES Buzz Light year and runs around the house yelling "to infinity and beyond." Another favorite is Signing Time. Video's that teach sign language. They have really helped him pick up quite a bit! After visiting Grandpa and Granny Annie in Idaho he is infatuated with tractors. He always has to have a turn talking on the phone when family calls, most people can't understand him, but he tries. A day trip is planned in January for Seattle check ups and then June will be the finish of bone medicine infusions. We are daily reminded of what a blessing it is to have him with us still.

Baby number 3... oh yeah, I'm five months along. Baby #3 will be here April 16th-ish and while I was tempted to find out the gender, we so enjoy the surprise in the end that we're waiting again. Elizabeth is convinced it's a girl and her name is going to be Cinderella. Henry doesn't really care, but likes to think he has a baby in his tummy too! Ultrasounds show a healthy baby who likes to suck on his/her thumb. That was fun to watch on the ultrasound! Such a precious gift. Can't wait to meet this sweet spirit!

Okay that was really too long.. but that's whats new and changing in our family. How very blessed we have been this year! We look forward to new changes next year and the adventures to come.