Monday, July 22, 2013

Where in the world....

 I guess it has been a while (5 months) Since I updated the blog... Who's really counting though?!
We have been in Idaho since July 2nd and LOVING every minute!! 
(Although we do miss Daddy very much!)
I may have shattered my phone again... and lost the ability to download all the pictures... again...(it happened a year and a half ago) 
Here is what I do have, 
Porter is starting to walk A LOT! Still unsteady but really tries.  He followed me all morning as I vacuumed.
Lydia is getting so big!  And so sassy!!
 There is construction between McCammon and Grace, so on our way to Pocatello, (equivalent to an Anchorage trip) we end up waiting in long lines.  But this is our scenery.  It's beautiful. A different kind of beautiful than Alaska, but still beautiful.  
 Crazy girls waiting for the construction
We went to Pocatello with Uncle Eric and Aunt Michelle and the cousins, Ethan and Lauren to watch Despicable Me 2.  It was really fun, and lunch at Cafe Rio.  Delicious!
 Our first purchase here was a kiddie Pool!  SO HOT and WONDERFUL!
The kids were in it every day the first week we were here.  It's tapered a little but not much. Such a you can see even Mommy has been enjoying it's cool relief. 
 And there has been lots of cousin time.  We are trying to redo Mom's downstairs bathroom and oh man is it a mess doing remodels.  Don't think that's something I will every enjoy.. haha But we are doing it together and that's really fun.

 And we were finally able to make a trip to see Grandpa and Grandma Parkinson! 
We will be back soon hopefully!
The kids were really excited and it was a wonderful visit!!
Love you two so much!!

 There are two parks in Grace, well a park and the school play ground.  We have been to both a few times, so today we went with Annie to Soda Springs to play at their park. Lots of fun new things! Best Rocking toys ever!
 Lydia is turning into quite the climber!
 And so is this little guy!!!!

Of course with all the new play ground equipment E was mostly interested in the trees to climb. :)

Henry made it below 1000 on his iron counts, to 800 actually!!! YEAH!!
So this whole trip he gets to take a break, no pokes for a while month and a half.  Hopefully it stays down so we don't have to worry about weekly appointments while he's doing school too.
The kids are starting at a new school this year, we get home the day before school starts, good one Mommy. 
It will be so weird having two kids in school all day! And I won't be driving them every day... we're trying the bus out. A bit scary for this Momma Bear.  But then I imagine all the things I will be able to do during the day.  WOW! Time to spend with my babies. Weird! ahhahah
Life is passing so quickly, but we are soooo abundantly blessed.
We are so grateful to be in Idaho with Annie and Grandpa, and soooo excited for the upcoming family reunion. I haven't seen all the brothers and sister in forever!! What a great time it will be. 
Love to all our family and friends