Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Can't argue with That

J tried to explain to the children the cost of milk (after yet another cup of milk spilled... not the cheap stuff either, H's $3.75 Lactose Free milk), in a manner that they might comprehend. It went something like this:

J: "Milk is really expensive, it's about half of your allowance. (H has acquired a large sum of allowance in recent days...) Would you like to buy the milk with your money H?"
H: "Yes."
J: "Well, how about this, would it be better to have milk or money?"
E: "Well, isn't it the same thing?"
We are still learning the skill of reasoning with children... it's a bit tricky. 

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Oh Alaska

We enjoyed a week of warm 40 degree weather this past week. 
Spring was in the air, Henry and I ran and rode bikes twice and even went to the park after school
And then Saturday came... Which was an awesome day (General Conference!!)... minus the 11 inches of snow.
Our coming week calls for days of more snow.  The ground was almost clear...
Every year we have a snow storm in April, and yet every year I find myself nearly distraught when it happens.  The promise of spring is in the air and I think, maybe this year we won't get snow in April.. hahaha April laughs in our face every year!  Oh April I am beginning to dislike you!
However in the month of April we get to celebrate this little ladies birthday.
I felt truly Alaskan playing at the playground Saturday amid snow flurries and very cold temperatures.  But we met up with Henry's school friend and had a great time.

These three played last week during the "sping" weather, Porter napped in the sun and even got a sun tan...my truck heater has been on cold because I have been too warm...we are so Alaskan haha A/C in 40 degree weather.

 Lydia is having so much fun with her older syblings! Trying to be the baby but also grown up...it's difficult but somehow she pulls it off.
 Grandma created another amazing cape for "Princess Lydia"
She was so excited for her Birthday, every time I asked her she would yell "YEAH!"
Couldn't get another shot of her...she wiggled too much.. due to her diet that day. (SUGAR)
This little fella is learning to crawl, well inchworm his way around the floor, eating everything in his path, sisters books are being slowly slobbered into a fibrous diet for P.
Most of our outing exclude dear E because she is always in school.. but she's growing so fast!
She loves to help with Porter, being a little Mommy is her favorite past time.
She is reading like a champ, and we are discovering the world of "Judy Moody" and "Junie B. Jones" and she is really into mystery books, thanks to a little boy at school.
And we discovered that cousin Ethan is reading them too.. the mysteries.. so we are working on reading some more.
Such a wonderful girl! Growing tooo quickly
Mommy does this mostly...well ok to be honest the laundry sits on the couch for days and when we finally have some one coming over, then it's put away. It's hard putting things away when you have no where but boxes to put them in.
Also, Mommy has started Coaching church Volleyball... just being on the court again... playing makes me smile all day long!!! Oh I have missed it, I really do love the game. 

Friday fun days!
Every Friday we eat pizza and watch a movie or play games, last Friday my kids watched the old version of "Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory"  So much fun.
And here's a glimpse of our newly carpeted upstairs :) 
We have so much space and nothing to fill it with, allows for lots of running around room. 
We are thoroughly enjoying this beautiful house. 
Porter Man!
He laughs and smiles and you can't help but smile too!
He is such a joy!
Daddy has been busy, busy working.  After adding up last years hours he discovered that he worked an extra six months in a 12 month period.  Figure that one out.  He worked so much over time last year that he started lapping himself.  This years goal is to take over time as comp time and then USE the comp time to spend time with his family. (Or Sailing with friends.. whichever comes first.. hahaha)  We so love him for all he does!