Friday, January 29, 2010


J. I cant believe how big Henry and Elizabeth are. Henry is a little scooter and scoots his way on the floor everywhere. Elizabeth makes up songs and sings all day long. She is already tall enough to see whats on the kitchen counter without even climbing. Henry mimics everything Elizabeth does.

For the first time ever, I am able to read a book to Elizabeth and she stays for the whole thing. Henry loves to read. Even though he does not speak yet, it is obvious he understands what we are saying and shows us how smart he is all the time. It is hard not treating him like a baby anymore he knows what he wants and knows how to get it. He also gives the best hugs. He latches on and will squeeze for what feels like minutes.

Everyone is doing well. L. is hoping Henry will be well enough to return and continue treatment in Alaska in a few months. Hopefully by summer. I am hopeful but as a survival instinct not allowing myself to get excited just yet. Still a long way to go and many battles to fight, both health wise as well as insurance. I tell people who ask; I believe everything happens for a reason, the reason I may not know or understand, but that does not change the belief that they happen for a reason.

Knik Glacier Outing

J. Last weekend we took a little winter excursion to the Glacier. We couldn't have asked for better weather, it was warm (for winter) no wind and clear skies. The drive out was fast and fairly smooth. Both rigs ran fine (except for a little overheating just before we made it back to the road). We had solid Ice all the way to the glacier and didn't break through once. Around dusk we climbed up near Wolf Point and caught a few pictures of the sun setting. Then on the way out we came across 2 guys about 6 miles out walking on the trail headed out. They had some how put a 4 -wheeler through the Ice or something (probably didn't help that they were drinking). The temperature was dropping and getting cold fast so we gave them a ride out (i.e. saved their lives and more importantly saved some friends some paperwork) and made sure they were not driving when we got back to the road. All in all a good trip. M&D got to see the Glacier up close, and S. even got to learn how to drive the Jeep. Next time N. will haft to take his Jeep out with A.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I was studying in my scriptures and the only way Elizabeth would let me have a bit of peace, was if she could give me "a few" stickers. LOL
Then Henry discovered a new ride. It's actually Elizabeth's princess table, that's a much better use. I have video of him trying to ride it like a horse. I definitely should have bought him a little tonka truck to ride around on.
Elizabeth grew out of her old pj's so we bought some new ones, and she really loves them.
And finally, Elizabeth and I painted our toe nails today. Henry INSISTED that he wanted his painted as well. He really enjoyed the bright pink! Don't worry Daddy, we used some nail polish remover. HAHA He didn't want to be left out! He loves to watch Elizabeth and do everything she does, he even started trying to mimic her laugh today. Some times I wish he wouldn't because then after we get her calmed down, he starts screaming for no reason, just because Elizabeth did! ugh.

Henry is so silly some times

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Life in the WA

Elizabeth looks about how I feel this morning. We had a late night, well some of us, Elizabeth actually went to bed at 7:30pm, Henry on the other hand didn't want to go to bed until after midnight again! We woke up to a very foggy gray day.
The first thing Henry does when he wakes up, look out the window for squirrel friends. This morning we looked and looked and found none. This one was hanging out after both kids were in the other room. Smart squirrel. The neighbors feed the squirrels like they feed birds. Every morning a herd of squirrels comes running through with bread in their mouths. Crazy.

After I got back from my run, Henry and Elizabeth were spending some quiet time together. Henry LOVES to read books. Mostly books with dogs in them. This one is "Sam Sheep can't Sleep."

And Elizabeth who has grown legs that never end over watching "Scripture Bugs" some little cartoon we found at Desseret Books. Since Henry's appointment's have been spread out, our days here have become, well less than busy. And with gray days that aren't so warm, we find ourselves in doors more often with not much to do. I built Elizabeth a fort today, I'll have to post a picture of that one later, and she really enjoys it, but it's not as fun with out a friend to share it with. (Henry isn't so into the tent thing yet, I think he's a bit claustrophobic, due to some nasty treatment he had about a year ago.)
Daddy is coming to see us in three days!!! WOHOO!! We are all so excited! Henry used to do this trick with Grandma... pass the pacifier through the web cam...He obviously figured it out because now he likes to play that game with Daddy on the cell phone. His picture pops up on the phone when he calls and Henry sneakily passes the paci through the phone and hides it behind the phone and then pretends he doesn't know where it is.... what a goof!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Silly Elizabeth!

The bag from Aunt Di, the hat from Aunt Grace... put them together and what have you got.. one silly girl! She got all dressed up and danced around the room.
I couldn't pass up the photo opportunity! haha What a nut!

Quiet Time

So a few things about this video; first, Elizabeth doesn't really take naps anymore, so we compromised and did quiet time on the bed reading for an hour or so. Some times Henry joins her, usually not. Get a bit too rowdy. Second, you will notice the two beds pushed together. Henry is far too big, long, to fit into the cribs here, so he sleeps on the bed with Elizabeth. I sleep in the bed close to the dresser, and two crazies sleep on the other bed. Henry sleeps at the bottom of the bed, which has been alright..(minus the fall two nights ago).. and Elizabeth sleeps cuddled with me or with her feet by my head so she doesn't kick Henry. It's a fun arrangement, I could sleep on the couch bed with Henry but I miss cuddling with Elizabeth, and it's the warmest room in the apartment.
Henry continues to do really really well. Tomorrow he has labs after going a week with out any checks. He looks really good and has made lots of progress. It's like Henry was born again and is going through all the baby stages that he missed. He has started to crawl a few steps and really enjoys walking around, chasing Elizabeth. It was really warm yesterday, mid 50s and sunny, so we went outside to play and it was wonderful! Henry walked, with help, all over the park! He stands by himself more and more. He's getting into the noise making stage too, we say "Henry what does Elmo say?" He says "Mama."
What a blessing these two children are in my life! Elizabeth is so wonderful and helpful and quick to teach Henry that Jesus wants us to share with each other, and that Jesus loves him too. And they are so fun to watch together. Elizabeth can make him laugh all the time, and she pulls him all over with the wagon. This year has been a wonderful blessing thus far! I'm so blessed to have two wonderful children bless my life so richly! (I know every mom feels that way!)

(PS Sorry the video wouldn't upload.. maybe another day..)

Friday, January 15, 2010


enjoying snacks with friends. He wouldn't ever eat those things when I fed them to him, luckily he loves to watch other kids and he picks it up pretty quickly.
She was really into his pacifier.

They played blocks together for a while.

Our friends from Alaska came to see us, on their way to Hawaii they had a long lay over so they stopped in to see us.

This is Saibree, the most adorable ten month old! Henry wasn't really sure about her, as you can see in his expression. :)

Elizabeth on the other hand was excited to have someone light enough she could pull around. She lifted and moved Saibree so much I know she'll be an excellent helper if we ever have another little one. And she's more into trying to help Henry get around, but he's a bit too heavy for her still.
Henry was ok playing by himself, he just checked on them once in a while to see what they were doing... and went back to what he was doing. (Didn't want to seem too interested...already playing hard to get!)

Elizabeth was loving David! She cuddled with him and he read to her, and she slid down his legs, she says, "make a slide". She really enjoyed having friends to play with.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


We went to the Doctors today, Henry's counts dropped a bit, but they think maybe they drop the few points each time because they keep pulling blood several times a week. So they proposed blood draws only once every week, along with his Darbo infusion. (Thats the med that boosts your bodies red blood cell production) And since neither one of our Docs will be there next wednesday they also proposed doing Doctor visits every two weeks. So we only have to go into the Doctors once every week! hurray! Party! He's made so much progress physically in the last few days, as you'll see in the video... and I'm really really hoping this means we can go home in the next few months! I thank my Father in Heaven every day for the progress Henry makes and for his health! What a great blessing, miracle

Playing the DS. Well pretending to. He only enjoys watching Mommy play for so long. If it's electronic he's into figuring out how to work it.

He sees me give him medicine so much that he thought he would try it. Although I'm thinking it's because we switched all his meds to oral. (He drinks all his meds now) Maybe they aren't so tastey! Although he really really loves his Morphine.. he literally sucks that syringe dry!

I can do it myself Mommy!

Henry is also really excited to be able to stand up on his own!! HURRAY! So far only at the side of the bath tub, still figuring out his feet and knees. But he wanted to show every one. We're still working on getting him walking by the time Daddy gets here. Oh and he crawls short distances, but his legs are knotted indian style, some how that's more comfortable.

Saturday, January 9, 2010


Henry had his labs today, his Hematocrit dropped a few points, but his platelets went up from 25 to 33 on their own! :) WAHOO! Small progress I realize, but it's still progress! He had platelets while he was in ICU the week before New Years, so we're hoping that we can hold out longer than two weeks this time. He's cranky and funny and silly just like his sister. He gets really excited to try and crawl on Mommy's exercise mat. We think the floor is just to hard for him right now...but he's loving it, and he's really enjoying walking, he gets farther and farther each time.
We all went to Green Lake today, with the rest of Seattle, because it was a wonderfully sunny day. I ran a few times around the lake and Mom and Dad walked with Henry and Elizabeth. When I got done and caught up with them Elizabeth's hands were a little cold. I told her to put them in her sweatshirt pocket, you know the front pocket on the sweatshirt, and she gets her hands in and says look mommy they're friends!
She really is a joy! And with Henry being more mobile and active Elizabeth is really enjoying his company more. I'm not sure Henry reciprocates those feelings. Sibling Love. What can you do?!

A few Picture updates

Mickey Mouse came to visit Elizabeth and Henry. He brought them two more mickey mouse dolls. Elizabeth was excited.
Giving Mickey Kisses


Henry has begun to eat more baby food, however, he requires a drink of Mountain Dew between each bite, or a drink of some sort, and he needs some one other than Mommy to show how awesome an eater he is. It is incredibly frustrating because he's not getting enough calories in during the day. So we'll see, the battle continues. His other stipulation most meals is that he has to feed himself, which is great, it's just fun to clean up afterwards. And wipe his hands every few seconds because he doesn't like to be dirty. Silly Boy!

Mom! You try eating this!!!

Covered with food, and I wish it was as easy as sticking him in the tub afterwards, but I have to cover his Hickman line and all that mess first. So we're not so excited about messiness!

Coke and Mountain Dew Lover!!
And his new jammies! What a cute boy.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Bye Auntie!

We just wanted to say Bye Bye to Auntie Robyn one more time! We miss you already! Henry is trying to give you knuckles. :)
Yesterday before Robyn left we went for a nice long run, and I do mean long, we ran from our house to Green Lake and around the lake and back.. a total of 9 miles. It was awesome! In the pouring rain. Minus the sweat in the eyes that was stinging so bad I couldn't see... It was great! I'm thinking about doing that every few weeks. So much more fun to run with someone. I'll miss you every day Robyn! LOVE YOU TONS!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Watching Mommy play Yoshi World on the DS. He's a quick learner, pretty soon he'll be teaching me how to play.
Puppy Dog eyes

Wanted to show off our new outfits, and she actually smiled! (Well she was actually saying we love you Daddy.) Thanks Mahana! They are perfect.

Cutest smile ever, and we wonder why all nurses are in love with him?!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Daddy Look How Big we Are!!!

Some times we play nicely together, most the time we are screaming at each other and not sharing! But we both love to color or draw.
(Mom discovered that Henry knows his colors!)
I can draw stick figures with really long legs. I really love to draw my daddy.

And I am loving food Daddy! I started eating jelly and fruit sticks and I had TWO bowls of cereal tonight! I'm thinking this is much better than a tube down the nose. (A GREAT ANSWER TO PRAYERS!)

And Look Daddy I can stand up on my own! I love my wagon that Santa brought me and I LOVE to stand. I walked from Annie to Mommy tonight holding onto their arms like parallel bars. I'm getting so strong. I'm trying to learn how to walk before you get here!
The saddest part about Daddy being gone is how much he's missing! These little ones are growing so fast, I'm so thankful for the Internet and the technology that we have that allows us to share the things these little two angels are accomplishing!
We love you Daddy! Hope you have a great week! You're always in our prayers. And Henry is working SO hard to get better so we can come home.

Friday, January 1, 2010

We're back home for the start of the new year. We started the day in patient because we didn't think it would be appropriate to discharge him straight out of ICU. And he's great! Better than he has been for a while. The Doctors were so excited to see him doing well, they really gave him a scare. He is so loved!
His new favorite snack, humus! Definitely mommy's little boy! I LOVE to see him eating! While 2009 was a very very blessed year for us, I am feeling that 2010 will be exceptional as well. I do hope that everyone has a very blessed and joyous New Year! Much Love and Hugs to you all!