Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Little Miss doin her Thing!

I told our nurse about the fun fingernail polish Elizabeth got for her birthday, and that she really enjoyed painting mommy's nails. So the nurse came in and asked if Elizabeth would paint her nails and she was so excited! Here is the finished work. :)
Trying to be very professional, she even tries to be ambidextrous.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Somewhere over the rainbow

Henry and I were up late so we worked on a little video. J.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Glimmer of Hope?

Photo taken: 10/2/08
I was doing some research online on what happens after a transplant failure and found very little information. I decided to read the case study Henry's reduced condition regimen for transplant was patterned after. I had read it before but something stood out this time I had never seen. Here is the main excerpt.
1St Anna Children's Hospital, Vienna, Austria.
Children with multisystem Langerhans cell histiocytosis (LCH) and risk organ involvement who fail to respond to conventional chemotherapy have an extremely poor prognosis. Myeloablative stem cell transplantation (SCT) as a possible salvage approach for these patients has been associated with a high risk of transplant-related mortality. Therefore, allogeneic stem cell transplantation following a reduced-intensity conditioning regimen (RIC-SCT) has recently been performed as an alternative salvage approach. We report on the experience with allogeneic RIC-SCT in nine pediatric high-risk LCH patients. Conditioning regimen included fludarabine in all patients, melphalan in eight patients, total lymphoid irradiation in six patients, total body irradiation in two, antithymocyte globulin in five, and Campath in four patients. RIC-SCT was well tolerated with regard to common procedure-related complications. Two patients died 50 and 69 days after RIC-SCT, respectively. Seven out of the nine patients survived and showed no signs of disease activity (including one with nonengraftment and full autologous hematopoietic recovery) after median follow-up of 390 days post-SCT. Based on this observation, we conclude that RIC-SCT is a feasible procedure with low transplant-related morbidity and mortality and a promising new salvage approach for high-risk LCH patients with resistant risk organ involvement.

The Highlighted portion I had never noticed before. One of the 9 in the study had a failed transplant where the host's bone marrow returned after a graft failure (just like Henry), yet the patient was disease free afterwards. We still have no new information but take comfort in knowing the possibilities.

Day Out

Elizabeth and I went to the Post Office the other day, and ended up walking for four hours! We walked to UW campus and around University st. And then back to the Hospital. It was really fun, and although it took me a few trips around the block to find the post office it was nice to be out and about. And yes, we are still having wonderful weather!!

Posing in front of the fountain on campus.

Some friends from the ward made us dinner and some adorable cookies.

Laci we thought you would enjoy this. :) We miss you tons. Aren't they cute cookies.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Run A-Ground

Today we had some really unhappy and somewhat confusing news. I titled this post while contemplating the similarities of our Journey and one of the voyages of the great Captain James Cook. If you don't know much about him I recommend you read portions of his journal and ship's logs. He is probably one of the greatest explorers in Human history.

Well on one of his journeys he was traveling West bound east of the continent of Australia. Little was known of the region and many historians believe he was the first European explorer to explore the east coast of Australia. After months and months of sailing they spotted land in the far distance. The excitement and joy of seeing land and ending this leg of the journey was beyond comprehension. But before the joy could really set in the ship ran a-ground into the Great Barrier reef. Though they could see the land in the great distance they were as good as dead with severe damage to the ship and only 2 small shore boats, the tide receding, leaving them higher on the rocks.

Today we found out Henry's Transplant Failed.

They took a sample of his blood and tested numerous things. Less than 2% of his blood had the donor's DNA and the rest seems to be Henry's original Immune system. The doctor's said there was no easy way to put it other than the transplant failed.

Basically prior to the transplant they gave him a bunch of drugs that wipe out his bone marrow and then give him the transplant. I guess Henry is stronger than anyone ever imagined because his body's immune system somehow came back and the donor's system lost the battle. All the good things we have been seeing was never the transplant but actually his own immune system returning.

We have a lot of questions....

Even though the transplant failed it is unlikely, yet possible that by wiping out his immune system it has changed (rebooted, if your think of it like a computer) and the LCH has been eradicated. Unfortunately its hard to tell because he is on a drug which suppresses the immune system right now. If they stop the drug it is possible the LCH could flare and then we are in a worse situation than at the beginning of the transplant. It is possible to do another transplant but it would require harsher drugs to REALLY kill his immune system which could be lethal to Henry.

Monday they will do more tests to double check everything and start coming up with the options.

To top all this off, Elizabeth was playing with Henry and tripped on his N.D. tube. The ND tube goes in his nose, down his throat into his stomach, and then a few inches into his Large Intestines. Normally she is really careful around his tubes but accidents happen and when she tripped it pulled the tube out of his Intestines, out his stomach, and then stopped in his throat and started choking him. We quickly pulled it the rest of the way out so he could breath.

So I took the opportunity to take a few quick videos of Henry with-out the Tube in his nose.

Captain Cook and his crew survived the wreck on the Great Barrier reef. His story is amazing and the method they salvaged the ship was ingenious to say the least. We considered not writing anything about this in the blog until we knew more and made a decision but we feel since this is kind of a family journal we would include even the bad news and the feelings we have right now of not knowing what will happen and having our "land" disappear from the horizon.

Friday, September 25, 2009

New Car

Lisa and I have been feeling a bit of Cabin Fever being stuck in a Hospital room. One of the members in the ward here (thanks Bri!) sensed us both on the brink of having a mental break down and offered to baby sit Elizabeth and Henry for a few hours while we went on a date. We had FUN! But somehow in the 3 hours we were gone we ended up buying a new car. It is a Shelby GT 500 with nice racing stripes. Lisa loves the color but it lacks room for the car seats. When we get bored we just take it for a spin around the Hospital. I must admit I got into a little fender bender which scratched the paint and ripped off the rear spoiler. I didn't know what to do so I left the scene of the accident and returned to hide in the hospital room. Unfortunately I forgot to turn my dash cam off and well you'll see below.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Public Pranks

Something few people know about me is that I like doing small public pranks. If you ask I'll tell you a few of them but basically I try not to let the person I am fooling find out, so there is no embarrassment or shame. When I got back into Seattle at the Airport I saw something that really disturbed me. At the arrivals pick-up area literally hundreds of people were standing around waiting for their rides to pick them up. Along the wall of the building there was a "Smoking Prohibited" sign every 10 feet or so. Along the 100 feet of sidewalk I was standing at I counted 15 people smoking directly under the signs. There were 2 Seattle Airport Police standing about 10 feet from me and only about 10 feet from the gentleman in the picture below. I walked about 30 feet away making sure the 2 Officers were still with in eye sight since I was doing something foolish and did not know how the man would react. I walked up to a very large man (taller and bigger than me) and pointed at the sign asking him if he saw the sign or not (of course in a polite soft spoken voice). He looked above his head and apologized and put the cigarette out saying he had not seen the sign. Several other people heard the exchange and as I cast my eyes about the ones I made direct eye contact with also put out the cigarettes. OK so call me a jerk or fool but I decided to take a different approach and walked back to the 2 Seattle police Officers and asked one of them what the fine was for smoking in a no smoking zone. He said it was $200 but then said they had been ordered not to enforce the law from their superiors. I laughed a little and asked if it was a valid law and they both said it was but for political reasons (tourism) they don't enforce it at the airport because of all the travelers. I asked if travelers were expected to follow the laws in Seattle and we both laughed a little and I let it be. I then walked the 10 feet away to the man smoking in the picture below. I pulled out my camera from my bag and asked him if I could take a picture of him. He asked why and I said I was writing an article on social issues and laws. He asked who I wrote for and I quickly replied I was doing freelance stuff and currently not under contract or on a set payroll. He looked kind of excited and started digging in his pocket. He pulled out a business card and said he was an Editor from California and handed me his card, I conveniently was all out of cards. He said that if one of my usuals don't run the story he would be interested in it and said he could find a market for it. He started talking about Editing and sourcing stories and opinion columns. He asked what my article's fundamental idea was? I thought really fast, and said I thought most people are basically good people but also have a natural disdain for authority, some call it Pride, others, the Natural Man. I said most people speed even though we know the speed limit, on the airplane most people don't bring their seat back up or turn off their electronics until the flight attendant specifically ask them (even though we all hear it over the speaker), and there were 15 people smoking directly under the sign even when there were 2 police nearby. We parted ways and he again said, if I needed an Editor to help my Articles get to print he could help. I was exhausted afterwards, do you know how hard it is to keep from losing it and break up laughing? And what are the chances of confronting an Editor when I was pretending to be a Journalist?
I guess we all have our issues, anyone reading this is probably thinking I'm weird and just as bad as the people smoking under the signs; I know: thou shalt not lie. But then again I find a way to justify it.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

In the Beginning... And the End

The beginning of our day was sweet and wonderful! The kids were angels! They took their naps rather late, and Henry is going through with drawls with out his higher dose of morphine.. but they took their naps and they were so sweet to each other all day. Henry has to have a kiss from Elizabeth every few hours. Doesn't like to be with out Big Sister.
And then the end of the day....
Well at 8:30pm Elizabeth was getting off the toilet and bumped against the toilet and propelled herself forward, eye hitting the corner of the garbage can! I don't quite know how she does it! So all the nurses come running in to help me keep the bleeding under control. She's screaming.. and let me tell you this girl has a set of lungs!!! The whole floor heard her, well the charge nurse came in and helped us get to the ER. Handy that we were already at the hospital!
She was screaming because she HATES to show anyone her ouchies. While in the ER she would be fine, as soon as anyone walked in the door she screamed "I don't want them looking at my eye!" Joel was still in the air flying in to Seattle so I had to leave Henry alone for an hour and a half. They were sure at first that she would need at least six stitches... luckily all they did was glue it because the cut was so clean, straight edges and all. Rough night, but she got to watch Beauty and the Beast and got a new stuffed animal friend named Pounce, another kitty. Her favorite. And now she's eating ice chunks and laughing and doing great. I explained to her when we got back that she couldn't touch her eye; in order for it to heal well she has to avoid touching it for 24 hrs at least. So she says to me, "mommy you can't kiss my eye, but you can kiss my other eye." :) She's got everything figured out! My little problem solver. So as bad as it may sound and look, she's doing great. But what a day! At least I didn't have two children admitted on separate floors over night! haha

Fun on the Playground

We celebrated awesome biopsy results with some Ice Cream bars!! Elizabeth only wanted to like the vanilla ice cream, so daddy had to eat the chocolate coating.. poor daddy. :)
Looking for the "animal in trouble"...usually it's the crab that you can't see...

Running around after a soccer ball.

"Country Girl!"
Elizabeth is definitely a "country girl."
She has to have outside time or she goes stir crazy!
And she always loves being outside, running around as fast as she can.

Driving the boat...
Walking through the maze of "shops"...

Never sitting in the Queen's chair, always the seat with the best view! And the most sunshine.

Enjoying the castle for a moment.

Early Risers

Elizabeth didn't actually sleep in the crib with Henry, and we had to get special permission for her to stay at the hospital with us, but everything went really well. I got both kids to take a nap at the same time, I'm sure I had a lot of help from above...and then they went to bed around the same time and had an alright night.
He's not sure if he wants to wake up at 6am or go back to sleep...
(His new dark hair is completely changing his looks!)

He decided to stay awake.. and feed Elizabeth's baby. He cuddles with them more than she does... it's so cute! I know not very macho... but he's definitely a lover! :)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Ramblings of a sleep deprived parent.

A few lessons I've learned in the last 14 Months.

1. There is a saying 'If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”, but if you actually make plans and think you have your life all mapped out, GOOD LUCK, be ready to toss out the map and plan again on a moments notice.

2. An infant crying in pain is the most soul wrenching, annoying, horrifically terrifying, noise known to man (note: man not to include woman). I believe our failing criminal justice system could benefit from this one phenomenon, if it were not considered cruel and unusual to pipe sounds of a baby crying into the prison cells continuously. On a side note Henry's room is only slightly larger than a standard DOC cell.

3. Men still need deodorant, even if all they do is sit in a small room all day and do nothing physically active whatsoever. Yet my observations did not not yield the same results from the Female in the study.

4. Good friends are priceless, so are rhetorical questions. Am I a Good Friend to others?

5. Material things are just that, Material. Remember the plan of happiness. When you pass from this life there are only a few things you can take with you and none include material possessions.

6. What you can take with you:
Your knowledge and Experiences.
Your good deeds.
Sins you have not repented of.
Your eternal family relationships.

7. Your spouse should be your best friend, You should be your spouse's best friend.

8. Miracles do happen. But the Lord always requires faith is some form or another. Whether it be faith to believe or just faith to open your eyes and look.

When the people of Israel were plagued by serpents biting and killing many, the Lord commanded Moses to raise a serpent on a stick and then commanded the people to cast their eyes towards, or to look upon the serpent to be healed. Now I don't understand all the symbolism behind everything nor do I claim to be a biblical scholar but as I understand it the lord did not require the people to believe It would work, all he asked was for the people to cast their eyes towards the serpent that they might be healed. But as always in life some of the people decided not to look.

Sometimes we are just as bad off as those people who decided not to open their eyes and look. We go through life not taking the time to recognize the miracles around us in our daily lives. I recently became acquainted with a family in a similar circumstance who has decided not to open their eyes and although I am not in their shoes nor do I know the thoughts of their hearts they outwardly profess their disbelief in miracles or answered prayers. They believe in science, statistics, and in their Doctor's ability to do the best they can. I personally am very grateful for science, in fact, had this happened a few years earlier some of the science used on Henry now did not exist then. I hope the Doctor's are not reading this, but I am glad we do not rely solely on our Doctor's abilities, it scares me how often they are surprised at how well Henry recovers and progresses after their tests, treatments, and endless procedures. And Last I am glad we have ignored numbers and statistics.

Speaking of numbers, take a bite on this. 1 in 200,000 people get LCH but usually it is a localized condition resulting in a slight rash or small bone lesion. Less than 5% of people who have LCH have multi-system LCH involving 2 or more systems in the body. Of these it is estimated that fewer 20% have systemic LCH affecting skin, organs, and bone marrow,as in Henry's case. So if you do the math he has a 1 in 80 million chance of having what he has to the degree he has it. With those odds you can see why there is not a whole lot known about LCH and why every medical lab is not working night and day to find a cure for it. Of the limited information and studies available it is estimated that there is a greater than 50% mortality rate of multi system LCH in infants under 1 year of age. Most do not make it to their first birthday. Henry was diagnosed with LCH at 5 weeks of age. He was diagnosed with multi system LCH at 15 weeks of age. In March we celebrated his first Birthday!
He has undergone almost 12 months of mixed Chemotherapy and Steroid treatments and then on August 3rd he underwent a Bone Marrow Transplant and is doing fabulous. I am glad Henry ignored the statistics as well.

You can tell I'm tired by my rambling, which I rarely do but I am impressed to share a very personal experience. It happened a number of months ago, it was the middle of the night and my better half and I were at our wits end. Henry was crying and crying and no matter what we did we could not get him to get comfortable and sleep. I had several promptings I should give him a blessing but ignored them and instead gave him an extra dose of his Methadone pain medication. Now he was not just crying but screaming, that scream that churns your stomach and causes brain aneurysms. My better half suggested I give Henry a blessing but I had no consecrated oil after leaving my keys with the small vile at home. I opted to give another dose of Methadone. An hour later the screaming was even worse, for those who have never been in this situation it is hard to explain, you are frustrated beyond belief wanting to scream at the top of your lungs but knowing it would only make things worse, the frustration is not towards Henry but is still there because there is absolutely nothing you can do or say to take the pain away or to help. Finally my better half (who is much wiser and more spiritual than I, yelled (in a loving way) at me to give him a blessing. I gave him the shortest yet most spiritual blessing I have ever given, blessing him to sleep and be comforted. Henry screamed through the blessing until I closed it and said Amen. At that moment Henry quit crying and just sat there for a moment in Mommy's arms. She laid him down and he went to sleep, he slept the rest of the night without so much as a whimper. I have seen miracles and know the power of the Priesthood. I am trying to open my eyes and continually look towards whatever the Lord directs me towards.

Our belief in the Gospel, knowing Heavenly Father loves each and every one of us, and knowing He has a plan has helped our family more than anything else could.

Other than family, and a number of friends who comment from time to time, we really do not know who has been keeping up with and reading this blog. Since there may me a number of people reading who are of other Faiths or unfamiliar with our beliefs we would like to extend an invitation, if you are curious about our beliefs or just have questions about something we might have said in the blog please do not hesitate to ask. We are not meant to traverse this rocky rugged road we call life alone. J.

Saturday, September 19, 2009



Last night as I stopped to say my prayer I couldn't seem to even begin listing all the things that we are so grateful for, the Lord's miracles and tender mercies fill our lives. I thought about the Nephites when the Lord appeared to them, and I realized that I could imagine what it was like to watch the Lord bless their children. The Lord asks them to bring their sick and afflicted to him, and he heals them all, the Nephites witnessed great miracles, just as those in Jerusalem. And again I could imagine what it would have been like to witness great miracles. Every day there are miracles great and small, once we start looking for them, or paying attention we witness even more.

One of the things I am most grateful for, the power of the priesthood. To know that the Lord did not leave us alone here on this earth, he provided not only a comforter for our times of need, but also the power to act in his name and continue the great miracles that he performed. What a great blessing to have the knowledge of the gospel, our purpose of our lives and knowing that the best is yet to come.

As I prayed the other night I thanked the Lord for postponing the results of the tests, because I wasn't ready for them, there was so much going on I had to ask the Lord for greater strength to handle what would come. The next day we were given the results. I know that prayer is real, the Lord hears our cries and answers them. I know that we can trust in the Lord and he will ALWAYS come through for us. Every beauty this earth holds was created for us! The Lord created every living creature, and plant and controls the elements, and yet he pleads with us to come unto him. All he wants us to do is ask for help, which in this life is a hard thing to do sometimes, that is definitely something I have learned, but all we have to do is ask and he will pour blessings upon us, he is waiting and wanting to give us all that we need, but he cannot interfere with our agency, so he waits...waits for us to humble ourselves enough to know we need him and his power.

My joy is full! I have been blessed with TRUE friends and an incredible family, wonderful children, the GREATEST husband ever and strength beyond my understanding. I don't want you to think my life has been blissful and easy, it hasn't I've definitely had my share of trials, and I know there will be more, but I know that with the trials comes an increase of love and support. I know now why my favorite hymn is "How Great thou Art", truly He is great! My heart is full of Gratitude.

Teddy Bear Wrestling

Henry loves this teddy bear, well actually he loves most every stuffed animal, but this one is extra soft. So he started wrestling with Teddy... and the winner is..
We'll call it a draw... both of them got too tired to wrestle anymore, thanks Teddy.

Friday, September 18, 2009


We have our results back...
1. No GvH in his stomach
2. NO LCH in his bone marrow
3. The graft looks awesome! Platelets Red blood cells and ANC are all coming in.

He's definitely having tons of issues still, according to the Docs all of them can and will be resolved by him getting food. They put in an ND tube, different from an NG tube only in placement; the ND tube is in his intestines, so his stomach can rest for a while. He's throwing up blood at least once or twice a day because of the biopsies, so it needs time to heal. I told my sister the great news and she asked if I cried when the Docs told us about his bone marrow results, and I said "no there is too much other stuff to deal with and figure out," and she says "well stop and take a minute to be excited dang it! It's exciting!" hahaha I am sure it will sink in and we are very very grateful that the Lord has blessed Henry with the ability to heal and progress to better health. We are now working on getting his stomach to heal and get him off the IV nutrition. Once he starts getting formula again and eating better, we're out of here!
It has been a rough day so far... perhaps we'll celebrate tonight when Henry feels better. Thanks for all your prayers, you have blessed our little man so much because of your faith and love. We'll be home before ya know it!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Silly Kids!

Watching Movies with Big Sis
Being really silly...late at night we get kind of crazy.. what can I say!! :)

He looks more like daddy every day! Especially with the dard hair.

Henry loves to give kisses!

Keeping Healthy

J and I are trying very hard to stay healthy, it seems no matter what you eat from the cafeteria, you will gain weight. So we're eating lots of salads and chicken and trying new exercise work outs. Usually I run, but since we can't do that together we do a deck of cards. You choose four exercises one represented by each suit in the deck. Hearts are jumping jacks x5, spades are abs x5, clubs are Hindu squats and diamonds are push ups. We did a deck of cards this morning, with Elizabeth joining in whenever we did jumping jacks, and crunches. After a while the room began to stink but gratefully the nurses wear masks because of Henry's virus, so they couldn't smell it. hehe.

It seems to me that J is getting more motivated every time he talks to his little brother, who is attending the academy and is confident he can take J any day of the week. So thanks little brother! haha. Our other favorite thing to do is run stairs, we've found it much easier to work out at the hospital or closer to it, so running the stairs down the hall is easy and a good work out. There are 8 flights and if you do 10 reps you've climbed 1000ft. Pretty good.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Today's Activities...

Bumpy Cars as Elizabeth calls them

Henry LOVES driving.. especially when you make the engine sounds

Done with bumpy cars...back to playing in the window

Henry is sure he won!
I know he looks like he's upset but he's really happy and clapping.

Hard work being the winner. :) Tired of pictures and trying to hide behind his hat.

The window seat that Elizabeth loves playing in, and our bed. The window looks over the play ground down stairs. Wonderful view.

'House Keeping'

So the Docs said today that not much has changed, they are simply doing some house keeping today. He's finally getting his pemidronate (aka boniva) for his bones, they have put it off for about three months! And we're still waiting for results from bone marrow tests, and the biopsy from his stomach yesterday.
There aren't any apparent signs of GvH in his stomach or intestines, which is good, probably means that it's there, just not very severe. The Doctor yesterday, I believe his name was Dr. Burpie, haha, said that one of the complications from the endoscopy was a tear in his intestines or stomach, and excessive bleeding but that it was rare, only 1 in 50,000. It only lasted about 20 minutes, and he recovered fairly quickly, the nurses in the PACU must not like screaming babies cause they bring them back much quicker when they are mad. haha We got him in the room and sat him up and he starts to cough like he's gonna puke and proceeds to puke a huge amount of blood and big ol' clots! UGH!!! So gross I wasn't sure how to respond but I was freaking out..."what is that?" They took a couple extra samples of the stomach and must not have been very gentle on him, cause it's a normal reaction. However in my mind I'm thinking of course Henry would be the 1 in 50,000! He likes to be the unique one. But no tear, just lots of blood. He's still throwing up blood, it's darker dried stuff, but it's miserable I'm sure. Poor little guy! He took a nap yesterday around 4pm and stayed asleep, he woke up for a few minutes but then slept through the night. Thanks bud, I really needed some sleep! :)

These two are sooo cute together! I love watching them play. Elizabeth has sooo much energy. She is used to being at Annie's house where she can run around outside or around the house at least and burn off the energy. Here we have to run stairs or go run around the play ground. Poor child! And the diet of cafeteria food is making us all gain weight! haha Lots of walking once we get out! Which won't be next week. His kidneys are not very happy because of the tons of medication, and the CMV is back again. He's definitely getting better, but slowly, so we're looking at the next week maybe. I'm a bit upset because they didn't let me know they were doing rounds, that twice now that they have done rounds with out me and just fill me in on the small stuff. UGH, I can't wait for the two week change of Docs! There is nothing I hate more than not being told everything.
Well Henry's awake and playing... gotta go play with my boy.

Monday, September 14, 2009

What a great big sister!!!

So as you may have read, Henry is having issues with eating. Can't keep any food down and doesn't seem interested in anything... Well wonderful Elizabeth has changed all that.
Yes that's right he's eating crackers, not just sucking on them, he's chewing with his teeth!!! YEAH! I knew it would be really great for Henry to have Elizabeth around!

See if you can get it in my mouth.. :)

Delicious... he already ate some chicken nuggets, fries and part of a cucumber. I have to clarify, they weren't completely eaten, but small bites were taken! Wonderful day!
On a side note, some miscommunication... yeah again.. with the bone marrow biopsy, it didn't get sent to the SCCA so the sample is probably too old to use anymore, so they will have to do another biopsy! That's why no word yet. But he's doing wonderfully. I think he's finally adjusted to having Elizabeth here with him.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Just Hangin' Out

Henry loves to rock in the rocking chair, and on this occasion was watching cartoons. He likes to be in control of the remote, however he kept flipping back and forth between cartoons and soaps! haha So he had to relinquish control of the remote.
Morris the Moose is a big hit with Henry and Elizabeth. Henry was excited to show Elizabeth how he could put his hand inside the puppet and wanted her to do the same. Although they are both adjusting to having another sibling again, sharing time with Mommy and Daddy and having to share toys, but I think over all they enjoy having each other around.
Annie and Grandpa left this morning, Elizabeth was very sad they left, but also exciting to 'get to stay with Mommy'. She asks me every few hours if she gets to stay with me, and tells me how proud I will be of her. She's too cute and I am so excited to have her here again.
We haven't received any news about the biopsy, I'm thinking because it's the weekend we have to wait until Monday to get any results.
We sort of celebrated Elizabeth's birthday yesterday, she says "Hey, tomorrow's my birthday," every day. The birthday that will never get here. Now that she's three she tells everyone she's two. We're working on it. But she has the boy and girl thing figured out, she tells me who is a boy and who is a girl, and we're working on who is handsome and who is pretty.

P.S: Laci, my mom showed her the picture of you and Henry that I posted a few days ago. She asked Elizabeth who it was and she said "Henry" and my mom asks and who else.. she says "MY LACI!" :) I thought you would really like that. She can't wait to see 'my laci' again.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Together Again!

Not such a baby any more...she's grown up so fast.. and with out me!
Henry was excited to see her, but very unsure about her invading his space.

He kept looking at Daddy and with his eye's saying 'why is she in my bed? Why is she playing with my toys.. haha... so cute!'

She is sooo beautiful! Her little baby face is gone, and she's getting so old!