Sunday, January 10, 2016

A Christmas/ New Year Letter ??

Holiday Cheer

The Hubby actually wrote a Christmas Letter this year.... it's still on my computer.  Mommy has a problem with follow through.  It will be included in the next post.
We have had a busy and wonderful Christmas Season.  Church and work Christmas parties, cookie days and sickness... of course.  It wouldn't be Christmas time with out it. 
We decided to read the book of John all month, and were thus able to enjoy not only the birth of our Savior, but his life and his example. The kids have enjoyed it so much we decided to finish the four gospels before returning to the Book of Mormon for our family Scripture study.  It added a wonderful spirit to our Christmas Season. 

Our good friend and close neighbor (literally, on the other side of the wall) and her boyfriend bough gifts for all the kids and we had a wonderful day of games and laughter. We really have been blessed with amazing and wonderful friends in our lives!

 Christmas Day was crazy and wonderful also.  An explosion of wrapping paper and ''stuff" filled the house, Daddy tried to control the chaos to no avail... silly Daddy.  And then we were able to go visit this wonderful lady, my Grandmother.  We have been so blessed to have her close by.  The kids love to go visit with her; reading stories and singing songs and being silly with her.  She will celebrate her 90th birthday this year! 
 New Years was a party at friends, with an "early" ball drop ;) The kids were unimpressed with the ball drop.  We will revisit the count down next year.  Perhaps it will require some good ol' pots and pans on the porch.  Mommy and Daddy have been on a "diet"  trying to get healthy and in shape, It was sort of a "cheat day,"  but still healthy.  We played games and had so much fun just being with friends.  They even bought chips and dip for me because that was something my family did every year growing up.  I'm telling you we have wonderful friends in our lives!!! 

 Our favorite family activity these days though... NERF WARS!  I am pretty sure the adults have more fun than the kids.  Daddy is teaching us how to "Clear" a house and find the bad guy.  We have contests, the bad guy just has to take out one "good guy" before we get the "bad guy."  I'm pretty sure we are ready for anything! :) Although our next door neighbors got bigger guns for Christmas... now we have Nerf envy. But the battles are still so much fun!  There are bullets in everything.  Families are strengthened and maintain through "wholesome" activities.  I am sure NERF wars are wholesome.  The baby is pretty good at it, he runs around the house daily in a diaper with nerf gun in hand.
We have had such a wonderful year.  Homeschooling has been such a great blessing these past two years.  I hope that my children are being edified and enriched.  Daddy has taken a job "off the street" and does more investigating these days.  Which leads to a "normal" work schedule.  A position he has eagerly sought after.  My favorite aspect of this past year has been the ponderizing we have done as a family.  The kids are learning a new scripture every week, it has increased the spirit in our home and lead to invaluable opportunities to teach them the gospel.  How grateful I am for a loving Father in Heaven and Elder Brother who are constantly watching over us and strengthening us.  What a blessing and privilege it is to be a Mother and to have the Gospel of Jesus Christ in our lives.  There is great peace and harmony and joy that come only from following our Savior, from seeking after him, following Him, and doing His will.  May the new year bless each of you and bring a greater desire to follow Him and share his light with everyone around you.  Much Love from US.