Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Valentines Day

Happy Belated Valentines Day!
I had grand plans to celebrate all the days leading up to Valentines, but my ambition were thwarted by forgetfulness and laziness.  And so this disorganized mother will have to try again next year.
H and E had parties in their classrooms to celebrate
E found a balloon on her desk from H after gym class and was so excited.
H also found one of those huge Hershey kisses for Daddy.
It was a fun day!
Mommy and Daddy aren't so good at presents for each other... so my valentine came in the form of a dry truck in the garage. It snowed all night on Valentines, and since J works nights he pulled it inside so it would be clean and warm for us in the morning.  Best present ever!! 
And then Mommy took all the kids, by herself, to the high school basketball games. It was really fun!  Well crazy, hectic, drag L around by her overalls kind of fun... and the bits of game I caught were great.  (L can climb those bars faster than mommy can turn her head! That's her blur in the front of the picture.)
Made me miss playing.
E enjoyed the cheerleaders more than the basketball... I quickly informed her she wouldn't be able to do that.  I am sure because I told her that she will do it anyway. 
We are still holding out for Volleyball.

Another dumping of snow and blue skies meant another trip to Hatchers pass!
Oh I LOVE this area!
This was taken from the top of 16 miler
J had to get his extreme sledding fix... sledding on the hills with kids wasn't extreme enough
And post sledding we went for some ice cream...
Red headed child stole the ice cream while sleeping child slept
and devoured it!
 She's getting tooo big!
They love having play days with Daddy.. it means ice cream haha
Looking forward to spring, but trying to enjoy all the snow until it arrives.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Winter Report

Some days I would really like to throw the computer out the window... today was one of them!
It's 11:30 pm and instead of sleeping I think to myself... I should update the blog
But what should only take a few minutes, takes a few years because our computer is so slow! UGH! I am sure there are probably slower computers, I just don't have the patience for it... especially this late at night. 
So here are some updates..
A few kid favorites in winter...for some reason their new favorite spot.. the side of the couch looking out the window, they also enjoy falling backwards onto the couch from this location.  Must be a sweet spot I haven't discovered yet, but they sure are cute!

 And the other past time, wrestling.  Lydia is joining the ranks too quickly. That girl is stronger than she looks! Trouble, trouble.  She has sent Henry crying to Mom on several occasions.  Mostly, as was the case in this picture, it is  "playful" wrestling.
House progress:
Railing for stairs has begun, still in need of paint
Need to get that done before carpet... better hurry up.
The railing for the outside deck.  It is much bigger than it looks, and I am really, really excited about it!  Lunch and Dinner on the deck is one of our favorite things... so those awesome three months of summer... it will get well used!
And we are now accepting guests at our house, thanks to R and Joel for putting the doors in!! We can all pee in private now!
Disclaimer, I did not say my kids would choose to do so, they have become accustom to peeing with out doors (Adults usually remember the doors are present and utilize them)
So be our guests at your own risk. 

This winter has been a crazy one
Snow didn't come until Nov. And it's been crazy windy and freezing, to warm and rainy.
We bought some used ice skates for the kids so they could go ice skating in the drive way, bonus to having rain and freezing temps.. drive way converts to personal skating rink! :)
And that's our dog, Chevron.  He's so awesome! The kids LOVE him and he really loves to go outside with them.

We went sledding today in Hatchers Pass
What a BEAUTIFUL day!
Sunny and warm and tons of fresh snow
We got there early, about 1030ish, no one was there and there were no sled tracks
So we blazed some new sled trails and had sooo much fun!!
Best moment of the day: Elizabeth climbs to the top of a very steep hill, yells "Africa, Here I come!" And starts down the hill, sled nose dives, Elizabeth face plants... no face plunges into the snow!  Her entire head was in the snow!  We all fell over laughing!
Definitely going again! I LOVE this place we call home.