Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Home Again, Home Again ....

Alaska State Fair Parade
 Grandpa Great I wanted you to know, every Monday morning I think of you!
We have been blessed with so much more fun since returning home. 
Although the weather is not as great... and we are desperate for some sunshine.. We are settling back into our routine.
 Elizabeth turned 7!!
Wonderful/stressful day
Cupcakes for Elizabeth's class
Henry's first day of school: a bit rough to start with but he enjoyed it thoroughly
They are both starting at a new school this year, and both are on the bus every morning and afternoon.  It makes for a very long day, but so far it's working out. Although we miss Swanson terribly!
Cake and dinner with family and friends
 Henry was able to negotiate a large amount of money from his father one afternoon for cleaning up after Daddy's Dog... and we saved it for the fair!
It was a great day for the kids, reptiles, rides, cotton candy, face paint, pig races, petting zoo... etc. etc
 Our yard grew amazingly while we were gone!  And we are trying still to convince our children that green grass is more fun to play on than the rocky drive way... still working on it... sort of  :)
 The Sunday we came home I was stung by a bee or wasp
it hurt a bit, but two days later my foot and ankle were swollen double size..
A trip to the doctor for antibiotics and steroids for a week... oh ya and elevation and ice = the first nap mommy has had in a long time with her two babies. :)  Great week.. thanks bee!
(A friend asked me one day, which one is older? haha P is catching up quickly!!)
This kid!
We went to visit the Doctor after returning home
The month and a half we were in ID we weren't required to do any sort of blood work, it was a wonderful break.
His counts were only 50 points higher than when we left.. which means
Blood draw every SIX weeks to check levels and Doctor visits every 3 MONTHS!
IDAHO was GOOD to us!
This kid is amazing!  What a blessing!
I miss having him around all day. He's growing too quickly! 
We are sliding back into school schedules (kicking and screaming)
Missing our family!  Hate not having everyone around. Hoping to see you ALL again very soon, somehow.
Already planning another reunion