Sunday, July 29, 2012


 Our Newest Model arrived
June 19, 2012
Porter Wray
weighing in at 7 lbs 10 oz.
 21 inches long

It is amazing to me how quickly they change
he looked so much like Daddy when he was born
and each day he looks a bit more like Henry or Elizabeth.

 Enjoying the freedom and space outside the womb

 But NOT the cold.  He is a warm blooded boy, and fusses quite a bit if he's not warm

 Thank you Claudia and Summer's Mom for the adorable booties.

So how are we adjusting to life with four?
I won't lie it's pretty crazy!
Getting out the door requires at least a five hour heads up
Once the baby is fed, mom pumps some awesome milk for the freezer, diapers are changed on baby and Lydia, and kids 1 and 2 are dressed and shoed, inevitably one of the diapers is dirty again or baby has puked on himself.  THEN Mom sees herself in the mirror and realizes that she too must get ready for going out.  Public appearances don't require makeup anymore, just clothes that aren't puked or pooed on, and don't stink from overuse. 

However, I have two gems that help me so much!
I don't think I would survive with out my older two.  They are always retrieving items for Mom, plugging screaming babies with pacifiers, diaper duty (throwing outside not changing, although E is working very hard at changing too) and much, much more.

 While reading books today E told me she wanted to hurry up and grow up so she could have babies of her own.  She LOVES to be in charge and wishes that she could take total control of our family unit.  While I am sure she could do better, I am still hanging on to the reigns for now. Porter is her responsibility she says, I just have to feed and change him, she will do the rest.
How do you convince a child to take on more responsibility with out wanting to grow up so fast? How do you convince them they have it easy and to enjoy it while they can? 

 Henry seems to be indifferent most of the time, but has his moments when he really wants to hold the baby.  He grudgingly does diaper duty most of the time, but is elated that Lydia seems to want to take over.  Mom time seems to dwindle for him and reading time, especially at bed time, has fallen off.  Perhaps that explains the change in attitude.  However a quick plea for the "kind Henry" to come back usually does the trick.

 IF you can't read the shirt it says, "Now, I'm a BIG sister" And her expression tells it all!
Not really! She loves her baby brother and has really adjusted amazingly well.  The day I came home from the Hospital all pacifiers belonging to one, Lydia, had disappeared (as they seem to do when needed). I decided it was a great time to ween her off the "paci." I claim new baby brain! It was, needless to say, a bad idea.  She won that battle and now religiously steals the baby's pacifier.

 Mostly Lydia LOVES to cuddle "her baby"
She squeezes him and rests her head on his head and kisses him
a few gentle pats for the road, getting more aggressive as she goes
She struggles with cuddle time, hates it when she gets into trouble or is in pain and mommy is holding the baby.  Then you see the dreaded "I hate this new baby" look. 
Lydia brings me joy! When I am having a rough day I only need a smile from her and my heart is rejuvenated! She is my peacemaker.

 And I LOVE where I live.
Alaska is beautiful!
This was taken from the Matanuska River bed, down by the old "frog pond"
I used to frequent when growing up. 
We have been exploring and hiking all over this summer
enjoying every sunny day we are blessed with.
Also a new tradition we started this year
And our home town team the "MINERS" of course get hearty cheers from the kids
They have been LOVING it.
I remember going to games with my Grandma when I was very young and loving it then too.

The rest of our time is consumed in this!
Our home that we currently reside in has become a bit "tight" for our family of six.
So we are endeavoring to get this new home done by the close of the year. 
Space we so desperately need.  Our poor Daddy works hard all week and on his weekends gets to work even harder on this.  We love him for his support and his hard work in providing for us!