Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Oh technology....

I have some amazingly cute pictures of the children on the tractor with Grandpa, Henry driving, kids holding hands running through the fields... and alas I am unable to post them because for whatever reason the card isn't compatible with the scanner, and then mom's camera hooked up to the computer wasn't working either, I think the battery is dead. One day I may be able to post them I hope.
Elizabeth and Henry are having a blast with Granny Annie and Grandpa, they are being spoiled rotten who wouldn't love that?! Elizabeth insists that she is staying her for a long long time. J was a bit concerned and saddened that she wasn't missing home. However, after looking through the last two years of pictures I discovered that Idaho is as much home for her as anywhere else... maybe more than anywhere else. I believe she spent about half her life here at Annie's house and LOVES it here. So I get why she wants to stay. I've never actually lived in Idaho, but I feel like I'm home. It's because family is here, but the beauty here is amazing and there is no smell like Idaho, the hay the animals it's just wonderful... even the skunk smell from the road is wonderful to me! Brings back wonderful memories from childhood.
My Mom's ward had their primary program this last Sunday, Elizabeth stayed sitting next to us, but sang along with every song! I was telling her to be quiet at first but everyone around thoroughly enjoyed her. I was almost the emotional momma watching my baby on the stand singing. I'm not sure why it pulls at my heart strings but it does. The spirit was so amazing! What a wonderful sacrament meeting!
Although it was warm and sunny when we got here, I actually got a sun burn on Thursday last week... we got snow the same day Alaska did. It didn't stick really, but we had an entire day of snow storm. The kids were so excited the next morning to see some snow on the grass they ran outside to make snow angels. They will be thrilled to get back to Alaska to play in more snow with actual snow gear!
Hopefully the pictures will come soon.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Fall Excursions

Amidst the wind and cold temperatures there have been some nice days up here on the mountain, and we have tried to get out and enjoy them. We usually just walk to the end of our road and back, searching for the perfect "walking stick" and spotting moose and squirrels. The last walk we went on brought Elizabeth great joy! She saw snow on the top of the mountain! She can't hardly wait for the snow to get here. I on the other hand don't mind waiting! Missing two Alaska winters was seriously AWESOME! hahaha I do look forward to the snow and sledding and the winter wonderlands... but I'm not a fan of cold... so we're focusing on the positives.... warm fires, sledding, hot cocoa, rosy cheeks, snow ball fights etc, etc.
Elizabeth has her bike, and Henry has his shopping cart, neither one last very long, I'm usually pushing the stroller, carrying the cart and dragging the bike too!
Why two hats you ask? I don't know, but he HAS to wear the green hat and so I put the winter hat on and he INSISTS on wearing the green hat on top!

They really are so much fun! What a blessing these beautiful children have been in our lives.

After a major wind storm we counted all the trees that had fallen down. There were A LOT! And they needed to stop and play with all the ones they could reach.

We are escaping for a few weeks though...not to warm Hawaii or anything... but to Idaho for a much needed visit to Grandparents. Henry and Elizabeth are SOOOO exciting to see Granny Annie and Grandpa! Elizabeth is filling Henry in on all the fun activities and where he's allowed to sit on the tractor and much more. Grandpa is excited to teach Henry how to DRIVE the tractor. Every time the phone rings they are sure it's Granny Annie. It will be a fun few weeks for all, well maybe except for Daddy who's having to stay behind. But I'm sure he'll appreciate the quite days of sleep.