Thursday, November 10, 2011

Catch Up

Our Computer has been on the fritz, so now I'm playing catch up, four posts in one day :)

And I have been really bad about taking photos of the new house as everything goes up... so here, after it's all framed up...

The dinning room... taken from the door into the house via the garage

And the kitchen...

And the out side look...
with out the main entry way
which includes a nice deck and covered porch :) be continued as windows, doors, and such are installed.


A quiet Sunday afternoon

Henry fell asleep on the couch.. a some what standing laying position. I think he was either trying to fight off sleep or couldn't decide which position would be most comfortable.

Crazy kid!


Can't get enough of this beautiful girl!

She can make me smile even when I'm in the worst mood!


We carved pumpkins for Family Home Evening a week before Halloween. We were going to have the kids carve one, but they decided to pick the picture and had Mom and Dad carve it out. We had tons of fun!

Then we roasted all the pumpkin seeds, YUMMY!

She's such a beautiful girl!

And our other precious little lady bug....

didn't seem to mind one bit wearing her costume.

We went to E's classroom for the Halloween party

These two boys are such good buds!

Eating some ice cream and watching Charlie Brown.

It was pretty low key compared to other classrooms, but I LOVED it.

E and her friend Spider Man!

To begin the month E wanted to be a princess for Halloween, so at an early Halloween party she dressed up as a princess. For school we created the "ballerina" costume. That night she wore kitty Cat ears and orange leggings with the ballerina outfit. Thus she was a witchy ballerina kitty cat. So easy to please. Love this girl!

There was a parade of costumes at noon and we got to see all the awesome creations. My all time favorite, which I tried to get a pic of but couldn't do it fast enough, was a little girl dressed up like a paper doll. It was sooo cute. Tabs on the dress and everything.

Hope you all had a fun Halloween!