Monday, May 16, 2011

Tractor Fun

So as many of you know, last year Henry was able to go visit Grandpa in Idaho and actually drive the big tractor. It was the highlight of his year I think! haha He talks about it all the time, and his favorite book is of course a farmer book. So we thought Henry would LOVE to ride on the mini John Deere rototiller with Daddy.

He seemed to be really excited about it. However he soon realized that riding this tractor had some serious differences. Grandpa's tractor is enclosed, and there is a seat just for Henry. And M&M's to snack on while driving. Grandpa's was not so loud either. Turns out he's a bit spoiled because of Grandpa's really awesome tractor... and this one wasn't as enjoyable. In fact after a few rounds of the garden area he was falling asleep and or fussing because he wanted off. :) Guess buying a small tractor isn't gonna work here... we have to get the GPS, enclosed cab, REAL DEAL in order to appease our son. Thanks Gramps!

Elizabeth on the other hand really enjoyed it... she was making sure Daddy was keeping it straight. Although Elizabeth also got to ride with Grandpa, she didn't seem to mind the "small" time Deere. It was a fun afternoon.

We live in AK not ID but I'm thinking both our kids might turn out to be "cowboys"! Maybe I should start looking for some cowgirl boots. She would love it. Although she's pretty attached to her rubber boots. Just like her Mama.

I have pics of the garden area, once I get all the rows done, and ready I'll do a before and after of our garden/mini farm?! (Rows are about 100 ft. long and there's about 10-12 of them. :) I'm excited, I think. Lots of canning this fall and awesome veggie dinners this summer.

Sunny Day Fun

They really are the best of friends most times.

We went walking the other day and hit up our favorite spots.

The "Moose" Park

And the Train...

this pic is for Auntie Robyn

(She painted the No. 5)

Can't wait to see you!


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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mothers Day

My beautiful three!

Oh how I love them. Although every day we struggle and have our ups and downs, I thoroughly enjoy being their mommy. They teach me far more than I have been able to teach them. She scares me to death when she holds her and picks her up, but she SO loves to be a big sister, to hold her baby and cuddle her.

Me and My girl

Can't get enough of that smile!

I am so grateful for my wonderful Mother who sacrificed so much for our family. She always went with out so we could have what we needed. She never gave up on me, regardless of my choices, she was always there teaching me and helping back to where I needed to be. Showing me that there was a Savior who loved me and was waiting with open arms. I DO call my mothers name blessed! I hope to be just like her some day... crazy and all! (LOVE YOU MOM!)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


We have been out enjoying the beautiful sunshine every moment we can!

Our favorite thing to do (besides sitting on my deck soaking up the sun)

is running/riding bikes to the park.

I run and push Henry and Lydia in the stroller

(Henry needs a bike! I need to get back into shape!)

And Elizabeth cruises on her bike.

(Soon to be a two wheelin' fool...hopefully)

Always our first destination is the A-Moosement Park

Henry thinks it's oh so funny to kick mommy when she's trying to push.

I love when he giggles.
Makes my heart smile!

Can't get a good smile out of this girl!

Always takes about fifteen pics before the smile is natural and cute... so instead we have smirks!

Henry's new rubber boots
Boy LOVES his dinosaurs!

And as long as they don't frighten him, I'm good.

Elizabeth prayed last night that she would make more new friends at the park.

She wants to be friends with everyone. She did find some friends to push on the tire swing the other day, and as you can tell having a friend brings her endless joy! :)