Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Our Favorite Place

 This is one of our very favorite spots.
A small hill by the Palmer Library
On this particular day the sun was shining, it was warm and the grass felt like plush carpet.
Why do we love this spot so much?...
 the warm, soft grass...
 the trees to climb..

 and rolling down the hill, over and over again.  (they even get Mommy to do it a few times)

 Even Lydia tried to roll down the hill... it became more of a scoot your butt down the hill, but she tried it , and loves it too.
 I was just having fun with my kids, worrying about nothing and experimenting with my phone camera. For whatever reason this spot is peaceful. It may be the history we are surround by, or the quiet, but this piece of grass will always be our favorite.  
 E and I always race from the hill to the bushes by the Borough Building, and we always do it bare foot.
Perfect capture of the hill rolling! Ah to be young and carefree.

Family Time

All the
 We got to see our cousins one last time before they move out of state, and it was a great weekend!!
E LOVES her cousins and was so excited to see them. 
Saturday we went up the butte
it was a BEAUTIFUL day!
Best part of the hike was on top when we all sat in the grass ready to eat lunch.  Auntie M had prepared sandwiches for everyone and put them back into the bread bag.  However, atop the butte we pulled out the bread bag only to realize it was a bag of bread... sandwiches were back at home one the table.  OOPS!  We had a good laugh and ate the sandwiches when we got home.
 The cousins, minus the two babies, ready to head up the trail!
 The half way point, everyone was hot and sweaty!
 These two boys ran up the entire butte.  In fact it was one of those situations where they probably climbed it twice, with all the back tracking, running ahead and back tracking again. (if that makes sense)  They were so excited to be first!
 And kudos go out to who ever is responsible for these stairs.  The trail kept getting washed out and wasn't really very good for little kids, the last half of the climb is ALL STAIRS like these ones.  It looks like a ton of work and I am grateful to them for their work.  The kids love it.  And Mommy gets a great stair work out.  haha
 You just can't beat the views from on top of the butte.  I think that's why I enjoy climbing it so much.  Eventually I will work my way to other trails, but for now I am thoroughly enjoying this one.
I actually got a break this time, I was only carrying ONE baby instead of two. Thanks Uncle T for carrying baby #2. I think I might have perspired this time with two on board. 
It was a wonderful weekend and we will really miss the cousins.