Monday, March 28, 2011

Birthday Boy!

6:30am my little boy wakes up with excitement! He can't wait to see his cake!! J and I sat down the night before and made the cake together. We had grand plans in our heads, this is what we came up with... A farmer theme because Henry loves farms, tractors, animals etc. And currently his favorite book is called "Story County" by Derek Anderson. A book about farmer, dog, miss cow, chicken and pig. Together they make a farm. And so the farm theme.
Yes farmer planted Jelly Beans. Also in the book the animals plant their favorite crops, chicken plants corn, dog plants dog bones, and farmer eats his, jelly beans... yummers! He was so excited, and that's all that we cared about.
Singing Happy Birthday!

We made it to 3!
Uncle N gave him what we like to call "crack!"

Not really crack, but sour drops. The kids LOVE them.

Henry doesn't even flinch when he tastes it, I'm pretty sure his taste buds are still dead from Chemo! haha


The whoopy cushion was a hit!

However, being only 1 dollar, it didn't last through the evening,

but it provided some great laughs.

Why Mommy decided a musical instrument was a good idea... I'm not sure

But HE gets so excited when he can make noise with it!

Just have to keep it away from big Sister!

For Christmas Henry got, Buzz. So I hoped he would love getting Woody... And of course he did. He was sooooo excited! Last night he had to sleep with his Buzz and Woody. So fun to see his face light up with excitement!
It was a wonderful day

Henry assured me he had a great birthday &

this morning he woke up wanting more cake!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Simply Love it!

Okay here is the Nursing Cover, aka Hooter Hiders! A little privacy while baby nurses. Only took me an hour to do! And I don't know how to sew... so pretty excited it turned out so well. I added some muslin cotton to the back, and a pocket for little necessities. Can't wait to test it out. AND I have more fabric for another one!! So fun. Figure I better get as much sewing done NOW, while I still have the time. :)

My Preparations

Some baby projects I've been working on...
More to follow as soon as we figure out what baby 3 is going to be.

Some cute burp rags, wash cloths & hooded towels
The kids helped me pick out all the ribbon, fabric and thread.
JoAnn's is loving our family!

If you don't get dizzy looking at this upside down....
It's my favorite so far!
Yep, a black hooded baby towel.
I think I love the penguins most.

Thursday, March 17, 2011


My little marshmallow man! LOVES the snow and the outdoors! Although he was sorely disappointed this morning when the snow came again. He was ready for playing outside with NO snow pants. Has to be hard moving around as a marshmallow. :) He stayed awake for most of the fishing trip, well about half maybe and then while we all sat inside the tent to fish, he slept in the nice warm bronco for a few hours. He was so excited to fish after he woke up though so for a few minutes he held a fishing pole and teased the minnows. Exciting day!

One of our friends brought their dog out to play, and hitched a sled up to her harness so she could pull the kids around. It was her,the dogs, first time trying the whole harness and pulling people around thing. She did great and the kids LOVED it!!

Our other activity was "sledding" behind the bronco. Tied a sled to the hitch in back and pulled everyone across the snow for a while. Such fun! I was really tempted to try it with the kids, then thought better of it, as I am well known for my prone-ness to accidents. Rolling around on a big belly isn't such a great idea.

The Six man tent, we fit four couples and two kids into, five or six holes 10" wide, with the awesome auger R got for his birthday. Back by Mud Lake it was calm and sunny and beautiful, the rest of the Valley was windy and miserable!

One of my "big fish! There were tons of minnows going after our bait, and a hand full of these guys that would get snagged every now and then. There was one actual good size fish we all saw but never caught. It's alright he was ugly anyways! Although we didn't take home any "eating" fish, it was such a blast! Wonderful company and tons of fun watching "fish."

On our way out we stopped at a look out spot, a quick hike and you get this view! It was incredible. To the left you could look up the mountain range to the glacier and then to the right was the inlet. SO beautiful out there.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Potty Training

I am a lazy mother when it comes to potty training. I attempted to teach Henry to use the toilet, and implemented the use of "pull ups." He got pretty good at telling me when he needed to go #2. There are books that tell you to train them in a weekend and they should be trained. It requires the mother to get the child on the toilet every hour or more. Too much "time requirements" for this momma. Not that I'm busy, but I have a hard time just remembering my own medicine every day. So we stalled out at "pull ups." Not so great when they are more expensive than regular diapers. I got fed up and decided being thrifty was more important so went back to diapers, and Henry went right back to acting like a child in diapers. Serves me right I guess.
One friend recently suggested the "naked" training. I guess some kids just won't pee if they are naked. Put the diaper or whatever on them and they will forget and pee. So I thought maybe we should try that out. Turns out my son is too modest. He does NOT like being naked, threw a fit until I would put something on him. So I compromised and we moved on to underwear. So far the weekend has been some what successful. We actually went to Wasilla shopping for a while and back home with out any incidents, as well as the three hours at church today. He gets really excited when he "keeps his pants clean," so does Mommy. I am still mastering my frustration when he has a slight set back. I don't think getting mad at him helps much, just makes him feel worse, one day I may get better at this whole thing. We'll see. But that is our progress so far.
I am sure all of you reading the blog were interested in potty training a 2 yr old, but that is what consumes my life right now. That and preparing for baby number 3! I'm getting really excited and into the "preparation" mode. This time being a bit more crafty in the process. I want to make as much as I can, we're even talking about using cloth diapers. We shall see. The only draw back to being crafty and not knowing the sex of the baby is that green and yellow get really boring after a while. So I may have to postpone some of the "crafts" I have planned.
Better find something else to occupy my time for a while.