Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I have a few pictures to post.... once downloaded to computer.... here are the major events that have passed in our house.

1. Henry's 4th Birthday! : He's 4!!!! He's mostly healthy and active and happy! A blessing every day we are grateful for. Henry does not let me forget for a single day how blessed we are. His favorite past time is having Mom tell stories about when he was little. Although he doesn't quite appreciate them yet, we tell them anyways. He is strong and has the spirit of a giant. Today while volunteering at E's classroom, Henry was able to "be a kindergartner." And he LOVED every minute of it. He is sooooo excited to start school. Yeah he has another year, but he reads already and does all the "kindergarten" stuff. So we're not sure what to do with him.

2. Lydia's 1st Birthday!! : Time has gotten away from me. It has officially been two years since we got home from Seattle. We have been home the same amount of time we were gone and the Lord has truly blessed our family with an abundance of peace. He truly compensates for the struggles we have by blessing us with times of peace. And my Lydia has been nothing but sunshine since the MOMENT she was born. We were sure it was going to be a boy, and when she was born and I realized she was a girl my heart jumped inside of me and I was overcome with joy! And every day she brings more joy and happiness to our family.
E doesn't really understand or appreciate the fact that Lydia loves mommy more than her. However, tonight I was able to show her how much Lydia does love her and she was pacified for now.
Lydia is walking everywhere, getting braver every day, she has a pretty hard surface to land on (tile floors) when she falls, so she has been understandably slow in her walking phase. She LOVES applesauce cookies, just like her Grandpa, and she loves her brother and sister and Daddy. Every morning she wakes up and points first to the ladder (ladder to kids room) and then to Daddy's room. And Annie will appreciate this, she loves to give them all SLOBBERY kisses.

3. Elizabeth only has about 27 days of school left! And I will officially have a first grader! AAHH
She loves school and would "rather not have a weekend." We are looking forward to summer though, sunshine, bike rides, trips to Jim Creek and hiking. Oh how we love the summers!

4. We are working again on our new house. Slow going yes, and that's okay, when you build out of pocket that's the way things go. Our hope was to be into our new home by Thanksgiving, with the Lords help we'll make it. After June our little house will be CRAMPED! H & E love to help at the house and it is really fun working hard as a family.

That's about it for the end of March beginning of April. We have been keeping busy but enjoying LIFE immensely!