Tuesday, August 2, 2016


It's been 7 years!! Tomorrow is the day, Henry's Transplant Birthday! Last night we couldn't remember which day it was exactly (I consider that a good sign, not a sign of old age :), so we went through all the old posts from August 2009.  I think it's a little like child birth, after a while your forget the bad, horrible, sad and rough days. Looking through the posts it all comes back, and my heart starts to race, and my anxiety rises, but I also can see the many, many miracles we received daily.

Transplant Day

 Oh there were hard days....

 Traditional Red Velvet Cupcakes :) 

 Love from the Pioneer Peak Ward Nursery... That was a wonderful day! 

And today...

 Goofy, silly, funny, adorable, crazy, bottomless pit.... A joy and a miracle and a blessing 

Today we met with the Doctor to discuss medication to control his iron overload.  He will begin taking Jadenu, a drug that helps the body regulate and break down iron.  There are many serious side effects, many resulting in death! However, with out it his liver and heart are in jeopardy, so we move forward with hope.  He is needing to visit with a Thyroid Dr. as well.  We have floated by with out much maintenance at all, a pill or two a day wont bother me!  
I will post pictures tomorrow on THE DAY! :)