Monday, July 6, 2015

Alaskan Summers

Well these pictures loaded in a completely random order and I am not savvy enough to correct it, so....
Our Summer has been fast paced and wonderful so far!

We have been camping with friends at Man Made Lake, our new favorite place on hot days.

This little man turned 1!! Seriously he grows an inch a night!
Since there are soooo many birthdays that one week in June at our house we did a combined birthday party on Fathers Day.  So instead of his own cake, he got ice cream, which I am sure he prefers.
Summers in Alaska are all go. go. go!  We have hiked the butte, gone to the lake, camped, finished swim lessons, tried to organize home school and do some work, at the end of the very long day our little ones are exhausted.  But you gotta soak up all the vitamin D you can, and use all the day light there is... which is a lot! AND we LOVE it!

Quite frequently this little girl steals my phone and adds at least a hundred self portraits, not a single pore is missed... but some of them are worth keeping.  Oh how I Love this little girl!

Dad sent me a flash drive of ALL the family photos they have, thanks to much work on my aunts part I am sure and my parents, I have several generations of family gatherings on my computer.  I can't wait to tell my kids all the stories that accompany them.  But while browsing the pictures I found this little gem... Our very first is almost 9, and growing into such a beautiful girl. Our lives are like an Alaskan Summer, go, go, go... and before you know it, the summer is gone.  So I am trying to savor and enjoy every moment I can with these sweet kids I have been entrusted with.  Oh the joy they bring. 

A snap shot of our run up the "new" side of Butte, the little ones climb like champs!  P man was getting a bit worn out and said his legs were hurting.  I told him that meant his muscles were getting stronger... never heard a whine out of him again! He ran up and down laughing the whole way. 
Our friends invited us to a family carnival, OH so much fun, way better than the state fair... even when you lose you get a prize!  Mr. C helped clean up the scraps.
A little face paint and a lot of fun.
He loves this little pack, I think last trip he slept the whole way up.  Oh the life.