Friday, November 2, 2012

The House...

 Today we are a bit further along, but this is where we have been all summer and fall and heading into winter now....working on our house.  It's so close to ready for us.... :)
This is my blue accent wall, it's actually dockside blue, with a beige on the other walls, white ceilings.   We are planning on adding crown molding and white trim. (I loved the cruise so much I decided to make our house a beach side getaway... :)  Not really) We started laying flooring but haven't gotten any pictures yet, soon to come. Imagine a dark brown wood colored flooring.
 Our resident model showing off the stairs, gone are the days of ladders to the bedroom. (well eventually) 
 The front door, and kitchen area.  So excited about the cabinets, had the made and they are beautiful!!! Can't wait for pictures of them once they are in.
 Finishing the siding, on a crazy windy day, it was quite the adventure to watch the gusts of wind swirl through the tops of the trees.  J wasn't convinced it was enjoyable... but I was having a blast... I was up there with him, had to get down to take pictures. :) 
 Siding is done, gutters are up, and we are working as hard as we can to get cabinets and flooring in, etc..  J might have injured his back doing it... but we will soon begin pressing forward.
Beautiful in floor heat
Ever need a good plumber, I know one! 
The heating system is awesome in this house, we have a few fires in our awesome GARN and the house is at 85 degrees and too hot.  Not complaining, I love it! 
We are all really excited and are anticipating the finished product, just thought I would let you all in on our progress and where we have been all summer.
A few side notes...
Henry is in Preschool now, attending at the high school, so when they walk around the halls they are explorers among a sea of legs. haha  But he loves it, he even gets to ride the bus from the elementary school to the high school. 
Elizabeth is loving 1st grade, and is developing into quite a lover of the arts.  Every spare moment she has is filled with drawing or writing her own books ( recent book about her family included a page about daddy's amazing ability to do tricks and Mommy's ability to clean the house.. I know I'm awesome.. hahah)
Lydia is still determined to be the baby and is quite a red head, but still brings joy to my life.
And baby Porter is sweet and adorable and talking about as much as Lydia... he is determined not to be the baby, and demands more attention. haha  Tall and skinny with BIG feet. 
Henry has been informing everyone that we are soon going to have another baby girl, while his intentions are sweet they are untrue!!!  Mommy wants a break for a bit.... :) 
And that's where we have been... onto a month full of thanksgiving!!