Sunday, November 9, 2014

Sick House

News from our house this week:
Daddy bought us a new computer, one that doesn't have to be hooked up with a cord to the router.  One that doesn't have to be inside the dark closet.
One that doesn't get too hot unless there's a cookie rack underneath it.
So this week Mommy is finally back at the "blogging" thing again.  
 In other news, this kid is the only child that doesn't have "hand, foot, and mouth disease"
The other four are not allowed to touch him.... for now. 
The worst part of the virus is that there's nothing to stop the spread of blisters on hands, feet or in their mouth.  They are surviving on water, egg nog, popsicles, and ramen soup.  I think the combination of sickness and diet win me the Mom of the Year award for sure!!
 This guy keeps growing! 
I am sure he's grown a few inches every night this past week.
He sleeps like no bodies business.
He may also be on the list of "healthy" persons but I'm just waiting for it to appear since he loves to drink from everyone else's cups. 
This one has it the worst.  It's hard explaining to a child that you love them but don't want to touch them!?!  I thought it was a great idea to "quarantine" them to the couch while I spent the day scrubbing everything in the house.  (toys, walls, toilets, sheets, pillows, windows, door nobs, handles, etc.)  Cleanest my house has been in a long time... Maybe that's part of the problem....
Anyway, after finishing all that cleaning, I realized I would be doing it all over again after they got better. 
Notice Porter wants nothing to do with them, he subconsciously knows he's not sick yet.
Also included in the photo is our "old" computer...cookies rack and all.
On a positive note, I taught Joel how to play cribbage.  He thinks half the time I am making up rules, so I am forced to call the cribbage expert, i.e. "Mom and Dad" to settle any disputes. 
I learned to play in school, 7th grade.  Best math class ever!  And our family plays quite a lot.  I think most of my siblings play with their spouses every night.  I am one excited lady.  Love playing games.
And this month begins our family budgeting. I have tried to utilize coupons but not having a printer kind of put a damper on that.  All of my shopping for kids is done at thrift stores, and yet we find ways to spend lots and lots of money each month.  
I have a lot of learning to do.
Hope you are all having a wonderful week.  We love and miss you all! 
Germy hugs and kisses coming your way.