Sunday, August 17, 2014

First Week of School

We don't know where they got the idea from, but the kids love to pop bubbles with their mouth.

 Lydia posing for the camera again.
 Look close, Henry is pinning Porter in the background. Porter got the upper hand moments later and had Henry pinned on the floor.
First Day of School. Elizabeth in 3rd grade, Henry in 1st grade.

Climbing the Butte.

Porter climbed all the way up and back by himself. He then slept for the next 15 hours.

Porter & Calvin...
Mommy loves nap time
When the kids are asleep, Mommy actually has time to do her hair. 

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Last Week of Summer Break

The Kids go back to school this week. We spent some time hiking and playing this week.
Grandma and Grandpa let us accompany them to Caribou Creek in search of Geodes and panning for gold. The kids had lots of fun but unfortunately we did not find any geodes or gold.

Daddy is still on light-duty so he gets baby duty.

After the day spent hiking and playing at Caribou Creek everyone but daddy got to crash. Daddy had to stay awake to avoid a real crash.

Baby Pictures, just for you Great-Grandma

 The kids playing at the park.

 Field of Fireweed signaling summer is almost over.

 Porter has passed Lydia in weight. But he still makes Mommy carry him around.  

 Matanuska Glacier as seen from the road. This glacier sure has changed from what it was in 1994. 
That's it for this week. Next week - Back to School. 

Monday, August 4, 2014

This Week in our lives.
Daddy hurt his back a few weeks ago so he was under orders not to be lifting or twisting (lay off the firewood for a while). So we had a leisure weekend. We hung out on the porch. Daddy conducted a convert baptism at the church on Saturday, then Blessed baby Calvin on Sunday. We also celebrated Henry's 5th Transplant Birthday with a big party Sunday night with food, family, and friends.
 Daddy was told he should be walking for 30 minutes a day. We love to walk along our quiet country dirt road.
That shadow is a stroller, not a walker! At least not yet....
When we can't find Lydia, chances are good she is out jumping on the neighbor's trampoline.  
Chevron got his cast/brace removed finally. He is back to full duty. But sometimes full duty is laying at Mommy's feet guarding against the bugs.

 What is that? Is that a Camera?

 Eklutna Lake with the kids.

 Fell Asleep during family prayers.