Sunday, June 26, 2016

Miner Adventures

Our latest adventure involved the whole family, and a new--to--us bus!  
We flew with just carry-on's to Seattle, WA. 
Three changes of clothes and necessary toiletries. 

C wanted to sit with Daddy in the back most of the flight, but he was in the back of the plane, infants aren't allowed.  Had great flight attendants though, gave us extra food and coloring books and pins. 

Uncle T picked us up and we spent a wonderful Memorial Day with family.  The kids were sooooooo excited to see the cousins; although some of them were sick and quarantined to the basement the first day.  Uncle T graciously painted the bus for us, and helped remove excess bunks/tables/benches.  Auntie M is a saint for allowing it! :) I was very grateful to arrive and have beds already set up for us. (flying red eyes out of AK is killer)  

Don't let this picture fool you, they live in a suburb with lots of houses, very close together, at the end of a cul de sac.. I am in awe of his parking skills!  

The layout for now: four bunks, with a small one in the very back, that later converted to luggage storage, queen airbed and seven benches with a few tables. Those rings were used by the prior owners for fishing poles.  I used it to hang shoes. 

Our First Mission: Stock the newly bought bus. A full day of shopping for tools, coolers, camping stove, etc. And Groceries.  Mommy's no good at planning meals and groceries for camping.  I bought too much and seemed like all the wrong stuff.  
Then Dinner with Auntie S, Uncle Tim and Auntie M and the cousins, dutch oven style.  Delicious! Definitely need to get one for our family. 

Second Mission: Get said Bus registered and Titled. 

While the boys were away getting that done, we played and explored the neighborhood park.  It was a HOT day! They found all sorts of wonderful things, in the shade, snakes, bugs and berries that look like blackberries or raspberries, but weren't.  Huge trees and new trails.  

Then off on the adventure.... first stop Coeur d'Alene, ID.  
The first pass we had to get over was a bit challenging.  The bus would overheat, so we would pull over and take a few minutes to check out the scenery or climb the rocks or play in waterfalls. H climbed a rocky hillside that turned into very loose rock that left him with a huge bump on his arm and a gash on his nose and head from rocks falling on him... good one Mom ("H, think you can climb that?") 

 Third Mission: Bus Check at a shop just outside of Coeur d'Alene,
 make sure all things are running as they should. 
The kids and I played at a Kiwanis Park on the Spokane River most of the Day. 
After a day at the shop, we were able to meet up with a wonderful friend and her family from College.  The kids hit it off and played for a bit.  Then back on the Road.  

Oh yeah,  P man started the trip off with a nice Dino cast.  
Small fracture on the tip of his radial hard to keep him out of the water! 
How you ask???  Well big brother ran him over with his bike.  I guess in all fairness, P man did run in front of the bike and said older brother couldn't stop.  

 Next Stop: Sugar City, ID.
  Arrived late night/early morning hours.  Spent the Day with Great Grandparents, exploring city parks and getting some school work done.  Laundry Day. (They fell in the Spokane River with their clothes on, because we didn't bring the swim suits.) 

Pictures got out of order, this was our first night in the bus, well H's second, but they were all really excited. 

The Snake the kids found in Sultan WA at Uncle T and Auntie M's. 

By far one of my favorite stops along the way to Coeur d'Alene was just outside of Leavenworth, WA.  It's the cutest little German town.  We bought a 10lb bag of apples for like $5, Honeycrisp!  It was fantastic.  AND they had the funnest little carnival games for free, and tractors to climb on and other great things for the kids to get out and do to burn off steam.

 Sugar City, ID waiting for Daddy to wake up for breakfast. At Grandparents house. 

It was a great start, beautiful scenery, wonderful family and friends.  

Second Installment of Adventure to follow tomorrow. :)