Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Cruise #2

So this January the hubby and I went on a cruise..
Through the Panama Canal
Some quick high lights of the trip..that I actually caught on camera...
One of my favorite things, the out door theater.  "Movies Under the Stars", Literally.
With fresh popped pop corn and warm blankets every night :)
 Above also shows us going under the Pan-American Bridge
Connecting North and South America
Traversing the canal is an 8-10 hr deal
The die hards were up at 330am watching us get near the canal
We were up at 6 right before sun up and it was beautiful!
Below is the boat that brought the four Panama Captains that take over the ship while going through the canal... There's about a foot and a half on either side of the boat, going through the locks.  A tight fit and one that requires experts.
 One of the many locks we went through.We would have another photo in here of the Centennial Bridge however J and I were the only ones who got to swim under the bridge :)
(Yes, we were in the pool... but we did swim under the bridge it was pretty cool)
 Back to the beginning though... Cabo San Lucas and Lovers Beach
 And a camel ride on the beach, whale watching...
No the Camel is not dead... he's kind of a "special" guy. These camels actually come from Texas! Who knew?  Camels live in Texas. Cheaper to ship them here than from Egypt. :)
So this guy got sold to a circus and spent a lot of time living among horses... so he actually thinks he's a horse.
 Nicaragua we saw volcanoes, bought some hammocks for the kids, did some sight seeing, history lessons and all.
Costa Rica was awesome, some river rafting... didn't want to risk getting the phone wet.. saw some monkeys...got a little too close to a baby and the Papa or Mama up above protested by dropping a load on one of our raft mates!  EEEWW
But hysterical! 
And after the Canal we hit Columbia!
It's actually called Miami #2 (Cartagena)
Quick site seeing tour.. really quick
Almost had an incident when the money exchange guy noticed we had no stamp in our passport..
All in the name of ice cream
 And finally...
Aruba! The happiest island, miles and miles of white sandy beaches :)
We crashed a resort and hung out in their chairs sun bathing and swimming in the ocean. 
Wish I could have stayed there all day long!
 Florida...had a taxi drop us off at a state park by the beach, turns out its a high traffic area for illegal aliens and drug runs, etc.  So it might look suspicious when two people with back packs have a taxi drop them at the very end of the road.. Border Patrol was spying on us through binoculars.  J tracked him down and had a fun chat with him. Nice guy, crazy things you're wife wants to do... all in the name of beach time. LOL
So we hiked a few miles (8.5) Back to the airport
Stopping half way at some famous ice cream place for some incredible homemade ice cream,
hike well worth it.
 On the flight home we had a 12 hr lay over in Seattle where we got to spend time with Things 1-5 :)
We sure miss them!! Thanks Guys it was a great to see you!

 Arriving home to some excited kids.
And great spring weather in January!!
Little man refused to call me Mommy, I have been 'Annie' until yesterday..(Grandma goes by that name)  But to his disappointment I am staying. :)
We so appreciate Mom and Dad for staying with the kids! 
It was a much needed break, mentally & physically.
Coming back to life was a bit overwhelming
But the warm weather helped!
 A wide shot of the Panama Canal
I will have to post again with the picture of the Panama City Temple!  It's on the hill side as you pass through the canal, it was awesome to see and beautiful.  Truly a light set on a hill.