Thursday, March 28, 2013

Henry's 5!!

 Henry has been a super hero fanatic for quite some time
He even wears his costumes to school
When I asked why he wanted to wear Captain America to school he said,
because I want everyone to say "Hey Captain America, whats up?!"
Thus his birthday cake this year was Captain America's shield (Its a good thing he's so young he can't tell how aweful it is!)
 My favorite part of the birthday..
A Super Henry Cape and matching shirt!
So he can be Super Henry instead of Captain America
Since we all think he really is a super hero!
 Mommy should really invest in a "Cake Decorating Class.."  Why didn't I inherit that ability from my mom?
This is pre hair cute Henry.... we kept putting it off
Until his teacher threatened to take him home and cut it herself
Daddy asked every day, "Want me to cut your hair today or tomorrow?"
He chose the later.
For at least two weeks...
Mom got fed up with it and did it anyway, to much protest
So he made it to 5! 
And his counts are at 1000 (iron levels)  Seattle says he needs to maintain a below 1000 level consistantly and we can be done with weekly blood draws. 
He's such a champ, doesn't even make a peep when they poke him, infact he enjoys the days he has to get three pokes or more because that means more stickers or toys. Such a silly, wonderful, sweet kid!
By the way, I do have other children... you may not have realized that.. I feel like all I do is post about Henry.  While he is a vital part of our family, there are others... and since it's past 11pm I will update tomorrow on the remainder of our family.. because they are growing sooooo fast!!