Sunday, October 26, 2014

Sorry for the Delay

Well we have not been the best "bloggers" this last month. I was out of town for a week and things just fell apart including some computer issues, a flooding dishwasher, and the usual life of a family with 5 tornado children. To catch-you-up here are some picture.
Each of the Kids got a pumpkin to carve, they got to design it on the table first then carve it themselves.

And below are the finished products, with a little help from Mommy.
 L finally figured out a good recipe for making home-made flour tortillas. She made me some the first night she figured it out and I had to suddenly leave for work and took diner with me. Later that night I came home and she asked me how the tortillas were, I replied they tasted fine wondering if there was something wrong. I ate them not even knowing they were home-made. Though some wives might take offense to that, she took it as a sign she could finally make home-made tortillas as good as the store bought packs.   
Below are 2 pictures taken on Henry's nature walk around reflections lake. Home school is a great way to get out and do stuff in the name of educations.  I saved these photos upside down but try as I might, every time I tried to upload them to the blog, the blog automatically turned then right side up again.   Oh well.  

Porter decided to twist his napkin around his finger one night and created a perfect rose. He then brought it to Mommy and gave her a flower.

Sometimes the home school Gym class goes to the local skate park and the kids run up and down the ramps and jumps. 
 Calvin in growing fast. He just starting teething and becoming cranky, otherwise he has been the easiest and calmest baby yet. 
 Another Home School Activity at the Fire Department. Unfortunately they came home telling me how brave the firefighters were and how tough they were and we had to set a few things straight.    

 Halloween Costumes, Lydia wanted to be Tinker-Bell and Porter decided to be an Elephant.  
 Henry decided to be Pater Pan.

 We spent a day doing K-9 Training and certifications at my house. Some of the guys are working undercover so we had to photo shop their faces out with similar looking celebrities.
Found some boat plans online (see  the 24' Key Largo with a 40 HP 4 stroke is what I am leaning towards). Thinking about building a boat this winter. I have also been thinking about an epic-multi-leg-float-trip the whole length of the Yukon River and then weather permitting make the 120 mile charge across the bay to Nome. Its about 2300 miles and I would likely do it in stages over the course of a couple summers. They suggest the whole trip could take 90 days in a canoe, but that could be shortened by using the motor to cross several of the larger lakes and sections with a current speed of less then 3 MPH. Any takers?