Saturday, May 15, 2010

"Normal Life"

This is what "normal" life includes at the moment...
Henry, trying to get away with EVERYTHING!
supplementing our income... with veggies!

Play time with the cousins...

Rhubarb starting to show it's face...

Our awesome piggies.. the BEST garbage disposals!

A very LARGE garden... yes those are 80ft. rows... what am I planting you ask... I have no idea, and yes I'm planning to feed the neighborhood

From our perch (or deck as most call it) Our two greenhouses and the garden area.
And that in a nut shell is what we will be doing this summer.
Isn't "normal" life wonderful?!!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Life Goals

I have successfully accomplished a life goal. Yesterday I completed a marathon, 26.2 miles! About mile 19-20 I wanted to give up, my legs hurt to bad to continue, so my sweet and supportive and loving husband got out of the vehicle and ran the last six miles with me so I could finish! And my cheer squad made signs, set out water cups, oranges and protein packs for me to eat along the way. And the last leg of the race they were there every mile cheering and helping and strengthening me! I prayed the Lord would give me the strength to finish this race and he no only gave my body the strength, he showed me his love through the number of friends and family I had supporting me. How blessed I have been in my life to be surrounded by AWESOME friends!
Thursday we celebrated five years of marriage, he was working so we decided to celebrate on Saturday instead. After finishing the race he gave me a beautiful bouquet of flowers, and held me up so I wouldn't collapse on the pavement. What an experience! I have been blessed with the most loving, kind, supportive, fun, ingenious husband a girl could every ask for! We've been apart so often in our marriage we joke that although it has been five years, really we've only been together for two! haha But my life has been richer, happier and more fun than I could ever have imagined! He really is my greatest friend, he makes me want to be a better person every day. So thanks to my wonderful husband for five wonderful and amazing years!

On a side note, Henry and I are headed to Seattle this week to get check ups, line removed and of course to have play time with some more awesome friends! J is happy because it's supposed to rain all week, that way he thinks I'll miss Alaska and not want to stay in Seattle. hehe I really can't wait to post pics of our piggies and our garden area and man oh man the kids are growing. I was looking at pictures of Henry when we got home and he has really done a phenomenal job of gaining weight and growing into a little 2 year old. I love to see him climb around on the furniture and play outside in the dirt and LOVE it!! What a miracle it is to see him grow every day!